I am pregnant with an itchy scalp: Advice?

Hey ladies, I need advice! I’m currently pregnant, about 25 weeks, and I swear the further into this pregnancy, the itchier my head gets!! I do not see any dandruff or any signs of rash on my scalp, and I have heard that some women get itchy heads during pregnancy, but IDC I just need to make it stop!! I’m gonna go crazy!! Help?


Does anything else itch?

Glover’s shampoo and tee tree oil may help

Tea tree oil can help. All over body itching can be a medical problem and you need to see your ob.

Organic apple cider vinegar in your shampoo works wonders!

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Go to the drs and ask them to check for high liver function, there’s a name for it i can’t pronounce it tho lol, i had it with 2 of my bubs and its horrible

Omg last pregnancy I would be so itchy on my chest and legs. I wouldn’t know why. And didn’t know what helps so I delt with it. This pregnancy I swear my chest just itches alot for no reason. And only my chest…like breast area. I’m like what the :face_with_monocle:

Talk to your dr being itchy during pregnancy is not good

I was told that your hair grows at a higher rate and that’s the reason …sounds crazy but that’s what she said …lol

Get a lice pick at Wal-Mart. They are about $5. And a cheap bottle of conditioner st the dollar tree. When you shower smother your hair in conditioner and comb through with the pics comb.not because you have lice but your body is changing in alot of ways. The lice comb gets the conditioner to the roots a bit better.

If it is…just itchy then you may just need a moisturizer… like- coconut oil/tea tree oil/avacado. Whatever you like. If it is extreme…then please contact your M.D. all the best!

Lowered kidney function can cause itch. Please make sure that’s all good

Head and shoulders dry scalp


Talk to your doctor. They did blood work on me cause everything else itch and have to take benadryl just to calm it down.

I got itchy too u might just need allergy meds. I itched all over. I got dermatographia from my pregnancy.

Definitely talk to your doctor for a safe treatment. Hormones can flare up atopic dermatitis in the scalp (eczema).

  1. change your shampoo and conditioner to a gentle sulphate free product.
  2. Try mixing baking soda in your conditioner and rub into your scalp . Keep it on for about 5 minutes and then rinse off.
    If none of this works seek medical advice

head and shoulders tea tree oil it works

Tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner!

Hey just letting you know (not to scare you or anything) the main symptom of cholestasis in pregnancy is itching with no rash. Cholestasis typically pops up around where you are in your pregnancy so if the itching gets worse or spreads to other areas of your body, make sure you mention it to your OB.