I am pregnant with my first child and feel anxious: Is that normal?

I just found out I am pregnant, my husband and I are both ready, but I feel very anxious, I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow. This is my first pregnancy. Anyone else felt anxious about their first pregnancy?


Definitely you don’t know what to expect!

Very normal. I’ve always been anxious through all three of mine lol. Talk with your doctor about your concerns and you’ll feel better :heart:

Always!! Use hubby for comfort as much as needed. First week home is the hardest imo. Around day 4 you’ll want help so you can actually get a night of sleep

Completely normal. I’ve had 5 and I got nervous every time. You’re a mother you will be anxious the rest of your life.


Congratulations :blush: Yes, and my second. Being anxious is normal. Your hormones are raging, it’ll subside some as you go throughout your pregnancy but mine always comes back towards the end. I’m 2 weeks away from having my second and I’m so anxious.

Yes I did! I felt anxious about a lot of things all the way through. Totally normal :hugs:

Very normal, I was anxious throughout all my 5

Lol if you weren’t nervous I would be more worried ! I’m 26 with three, i had my first at 17 and I’ve made it this far so I have all the faith in the world in you :grin: you’re going to do great :two_hearts: kids are the best part of life and I believe that with every piece of my soul.

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I definitely am this is my first I’m almost 15 weeks and still nervous excited every emotion

Yes! We tried for 2 years and I was still so scared and anxious. It’s so normal!

I’m currently pregos with my first baby as well and not going to let I’m anxious all day everyday.

Perfectly normal to be anxious you will be fine.

Let me give you one small piece of advice. All babies are different, so baby advice is NOT one size fits all what works for one baby does not work for others.

Good luck


Very normal, congratulations :heart:

Yes the entire time lol just remember you really can’t control much, what will happen will happen. Try to enjoy it and not your anxiety ruin this experience for either of you.

Yes girl …I’m abt 4months now …and the anxiety is dying down a little …I was hugely concerned abt hurting myself at work…I’m a cna …I am absolutely terrified of giving birth …I’ve been an emotion wreck and sick up till now …but thank God for my man …he has done more than put up with me :two_hearts:just try to take it easy !

With every single one lol.


Ive been anxious since I found out I was pregnant with my first son 22+ years ago. Im always anxious now worrying about my kids.


Totally normal hun. I felt extremely anxious though out my entire pregnancy with my first and now again with my second (I’m currently 9 weeks). My best advice is that it will take some adjustment and every baby is different. At the end of the day, do what you feel is right for you and your family. Also, it is not a bad thing at all to reach out for or accept help from family, friends or even a therapist if needed. You will do amazing mamma! Congrats to both you and your husband!! :purple_heart: