I am pregnant with twins and feel sick all the time: Advice?

So question for the group id like to stay anonymous, but I’m on my second pregnancy, and this one is with twins. I’m only 15 weeks, but I am nauseous and having immense pain. I’m supposed to be on bed rest and gaining weight; I’ve lost 15 lbs since getting pregnant, my migraines are getting out of control, and I can’t sleep. My doctors don’t have a way to help and don’t see anything wrong besides being high risk and underweight. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can help with the nauseous and migraines? I just don’t feel as if I’m doing enough for my family and son. I can’t get out of bed without feeling like I’m going to pass out, or vomit feels as if someone’s squeezing my insides. I need help in also suffering from perinatal depression, and my S.O tries, but he doesn’t know how to help. I can no longer work.


Lemon water, tea, butter and bread. Tylenol is allowed, tums are good. Congratulations girl and I hope you feel better soon

Emetrol helps me with my nausea also eating little snacks has helped me. I lost weight until I hit 18 weeks I finally gained 4 pounds.

Try ginger root pills and I use heating for my migraines for me that helps also a diffuser with the oils and they help me out alot I’m not pregnant but mother of 5 so I like natural and homemade remedies to many side effects from the meds they make

My doc told me to take b 6 twice a day and unisom at night

Ginger tea, Anything ginger

I was like that with my son within 2 months I lost 50 pounds because the nausea was that bad and I was told to take it easy but everything went fine with him he made it to 37 weeks

Ask your doctor if you can take unisom! ( I was high risk and was able to take it) It is a MILD sleep sedative but helps tremendously with nausea. I took one nightly and then next day did not have any nausea problems. I still woke up 2-3 times when pregnant while taking it so that tells you it does not knock you out or make you drag the next day.
Also, with my first pregnancy I had trouble gaining weight so I drank ensure daily and it helped so much!

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I’m not sure about helping with the migraines, but they have nausea bands that you wear on your wrists and they work off pressure points, they work amazing for some people

Ask the Dr for zophran it’s a wounded drug for nausea…

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Aww i feel for you i get migraine vertigo and couldn’t imagine being pregnant and having it…Not sure if its any help but have you tried those anti sickness bands u wear on ur wrist…I take cinnarizine for the migraine vertigo but i dont think u can take it during pregnancy

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Exederin works great for migraine but don’t get the one that says for migraines due to the fact there is aspirin. Use the tension headache one in a purple labeled bottle. Basically Tylenol on steroids lol. I have severe migraines and this was my good alternative while I was pregnant. Getting the migraines under control may help a lot with the nausea issues u are having as well

Smoking weed could be a last resort if you can’t find anything that will work for you and it’s legal in your state. Just enough to get past the nausea.

If you can I would try to get outside some. The fresh air and sun on your face will help with just making you feel human again.

As for nausea, there are prescription meds you def can take. Talk to your doctor! The medicine might not cure your nausea but it should take the edge off. Seriously call your doctor. If they don’t call you back, then call again until they answer.

So sorry you’re going through this! I know it’s absolutely terrible and draining.

My dr prescribed me Zofran and it was amazing for the nausea. I couldn’t keep water down. When I told him he gave me the prescription and I’ve felt so much better. I can finally eat and drink and keep it down.

I was extra sick with my twins too. Apparently some hormone given off by the fetus causes morning sickness, so with twins you get a double dose. My doctor did give me some medication but I don’t remember the name

I had my twins 5 months ago and if the b6 and unisom doesn’t work for you (it didn’t for me). Zofran and phenagran (this one will make you sleepy) worked well. I know that wasn’t spelled right lol… sorry. Make sure you stay well hydrated it’ll be hard but much needed. Eat small snacks through out the day. Are they having you take an aspirin a day? I was high risk and it was recommended. I’m sorry you’re having a rough time I know how you feel I was sick with all 3 of my pregnancies but the twins were so much worse!! I know it’s sickness times 2 or more. One of the twins stayed in my pelvis most of my pregnancy and sitting with my legs bent too much hurt. I made it to 36 weeks but was in the hospital twice before that. Your doctor can also look into giving you something for anxiety it will help. Know your limits! Your son may not understand now but he will and your s o let him help anyway he can tell him what you need. Your growing 2 babies you deserve to be cared for. Handling all this during a pandemic is so much harder. Good luck and congratulations! Oh there are also great twin mama groups on fb that can be a big help. Twins are much different than singletons.

I was excatly the same when i was pregnant with my twins…
The only thing I could keep down was ice cold water and fresh strawberries…
I know you have a child so this is gonna sound crazy…
But if you have a chance to rest, make the most of it… The only thing that helped my headaches was having a bath and putting my head under the water :no_good_woman:
Everything started to settle down around 22 weeks for me… although I continued to lose weight… i had the attitude i was pregnant not disabled…so i pushed myself to stupid extremes now looking back…
This was my 4th pregnancy and I was determined to " get a grip "
I ended up giving birth at 26 weeks to my boys…
2lb9 and 2lb 11

Devastatingly. We loss tailor at a week old…
(Im not saying this to upset or scar you) im saying this because I wish I had someone telling me to go easy.
Sending you love and hugs .
Hope you find something that works :heartpulse:

2/3 tablespoon of syrup from a can of fruit cocktail will take away the nauseated feeling

I’ve heard people sing the praises of Prego Pops frozen treats. Might be worth a try.

I had horrible nausea. The best thing you can do is drink lots of water, it actually helps. Bananas and pickles have always helped me as well. If you are having a hard time eating make sure you drink something with electrolytes to help stay hydrated and to help gain weight drink ensure shakes. They will give you the nutrients you need.

Sounds like hyperemesis. Ask your OB for zofran & phenergan!

Look in to hyperemesis gravidarum

If your doctor can’t help,I would be going to a different doctor because thats a lie,they most definitely have things to help with nausea…I was prescribed promethazine pills for nausea,when I didn’t have them I had to smoke weed to be able to eat and keep it down

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Sounds like hyperemesis

I had my twins 6 months ago and this is what I was like all the way through… I had sickness tablets of the doctor also it just took the edge of it…

Need to contact your OB. That sounds like pre eclampsia

I know this is a bit out there but tryin smokin weed. It’ll help with the nauseous feeling and for many people I know it helped them be able to eat more as well. Myself as well as most of my friends had a lot of these problems while pregnant and this was the only way we felt like we got any relief. It won’t hurt your babies but I would advise asking your ob for their opinion on it. My OB told me to do what worked for me however I know some others that may not agree with it depending on where ur at and the laws for it.

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Definitely try some CBD gummies or oil. It will help greatly with nausea, some pain, & anxiety.

Find some good crackers that you like & make them your best friend. Keep boxes in every room, with bottles of water. Drink LOTS of water. Add fruit to it if it gets boring lol. Sprite is a good for helping to settle your stomach too.

Try eating things that are easy to digest, such as Bob Evans premade mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese. Chicken noodle soup & if you are a soda drinker that could contribute to the migraines ( don’t stop them cold turkey but cut down as much as you can).

My daughter had 5 lb. twins in February only 3 weeks early. She gained about 50 pounds & was miserable most if 3rd trimester, but said the nausea stopped around 2nd trimester.

She really worried about eating so much but was reminded she’s eating for 3 now not just 1.

If you can handle smells, lavender was really calming for my daughter too. Use it in the bath, as a room freshener, whatever you can tolerate.

Smoking thc is a personal choice. If you are in a legal state with no restrictions try it, it does help. But if you are in an illegal state, just beware you will probably be subjected to CPS investigation if you test positive during your pregnancy.

Best of luck!

Used this and it works great for nausea. The migraines is probably because you are dehydrated

I had hyperemsis with you daughter and I felt that way my whole pregnancy. Bed rest from 6 weeks on and gave birth around 7 months. I threw up and was nauseous the whole pregnancy. I tried the vitamin b shots and they put me through a round of steroids. Eventually I had a pic line and was on it nutrition. It was miserable. They ended up giving me a medical card for Marijuana and it was probably the only reason I survived. I lost 30 pounds and only weighed 105 when I got pregnant. Zofran helped at times.

Eat all kinds of crackers day by days.mix them.Drink water. And juice the cranapple,cranberry lots of water.7up

I agree try smoking a little bit of weed. Helps with nausea, will help your appetite. I’m going to suggest indica, it’ll relax you.

Get your magnesium levels checked. That could be the cause of the migraines. It was in my case

Try changing your prenatals. The ones I took with my first caused the worst migraines with my second.

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and all those symptoms are just starting to subside. I still get lightheaded and nausea but atleast I’m not puking.
They told me tyenyol is fine so I’ve been taking it pretty much daily for my chronic headaches/migraines. It barely dulls the ache thats for sure.
Thankfully my 1st son is 10 years old and isn’t so demanding but that mom guilt…
Your doing the best your body is allowing you to do.
Its so hard and so frustrating but you can do it mama!
I ate a lot of sandwiches, toast, bagels etc and soooo many smoothies. I gained 5 lbs lost 4 of it my last appointment. Baby is gaining and very active though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It’s more so going to be yourself you have to be patient with if it’s anything like this pregnancy ( 2nd as well, not twins… just look it lol
Take the good days when they come :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: