I am pregnant with upper stomach pain: Advice?

Hello! I’m 11 weeks pregnant with baby three, and I have been having upper abdominal pain since I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks. I’ve been into the ER/clinic/walk five times for this pain. Wednesday, I went in for an ultrasound to check my gallbladder, the gallbladder is fine no gallstones, but we found that I have mild NAFL, which is mild nonalcoholic fatty liver while pregnant. Anyone else has this? How was the pregnancy? How was the birth? How was the baby? Did it go away? If you had pain with it, how did you manage the pain? Did you go on a special diet/exercise/take medicine for it? So many questions kinda nerve racked about it because I didn’t get much info other than that. My son has an 18 months check-up Monday ill try to ask my dr then, or else I don’t see him till the next Monday and my OB visit.

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The OBGYN should have answered those questions when you found out bout she or he should have had you come in to talk to you bout it…i have never heard of it
But I do wish you luck and hope everything goes we. And please talk to your Dr bout it. You are very concerned.

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At your next visit bring these up to your doctor.

Idk why your doc didnt tell u how to eat etc. Id call them back and if they cant answer then get a referral for a dietician. Most docs aren’t educated on diet surprisingly. Diet is key to everything. #guthealth

Have you tried taking some gas medicine? I know in really pregnancy has can be a major problem causing a lot of pain

it could be indigestion very common in pregnant women, maybe try drinking a glass of water with baking soda

I had NAFL while not pregnant and let me tell you, that pain in the upper stomach is NO joke! I have no advice but I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

I had this exact issue. It went away in the last trimester and no further issues with my liver that I’m aware of

My NAFL actually got better but I also ended up with gestational diabetes and not matter how healthy I ate my sugars were high. The pain your feeling is totally normal for this condition. I live with it almost daily. Before I was pregnant I went into liver failure and had to spend 10 days in ICU. My issue wasn’t related to pregnancy. You should be just fine. Look up an NAFL diet and you will notice the pain will subside.

I had this early in my pregnancy. Your organs are all moving up making room for the baby. It went away for me I dont even remember when but I’m 40 weeks 6 days now and havent had that pain in a long time. No complications in my pregnancy at all. I drank the recommended 80oz of water a day and ate right. Keep being persistent with the docs if you really feel like something is wrong. No one knows your body like you do.

Drink lots of water… it’s usually caused by dehydration (at least in my experience)

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