I am really emotionally at the thought of going back to work tomorrow: Is that normal?

I’ve been on maternity leave since August 1st and I’m scheduled to go back tomorrow. I’ve been really sad all day, crying every time I think about it. She’s not even 3 months old yet and I’ve become really attached to her. The only thing that’s keeping me from loosing my mind is knowing it’s a short shift, just under 5 hours, plus she’ll be watched by my mom. I work retail and I know I’ll somehow have to keep it together during my shift. Is it normal to feel so emotional about going back?


Totally normal! I am fortunate enough to be able to stay home with mine. I did however nanny my nieces, my sister went back to work when her eldest was just 7 weeks and cried on the way to work. If it makes it easier for you, ask your mum to send regular updates, photos etc I think it helps

It’s hard to leave your child once you finally get to hold them. You will have anxiety about going back to work.
But, you will cherish your time with your child even more, when you get home.


The 1st day back after I had my 1st was the worst. I cried and cried and after my shift was over I couldnt get to her fast enough. Weeks went by and it got easier and easier primarily because her daycare teachers were amazing. The one thing that stuck out to me was them saying " call as many times as you need". I promise it will get easier for you and her!!!

I had my son while I was in the military, I had 2 months to stay at home before going back to standing duty (2 on, 2 off, sliding weekends) I was a WRECK the week leading up to going back. Its completely understandable to feel scared, nervous and sad about leaving your little one for the first time. Just remember that your shift will end and you’ll be home with your baby before you know it, it gets easier as time goes on, but that first week or two is definitely hard.

Yes, my son is 17weeks old and I will be going back on Sunday, I dont want to leave him at all but for to make money, I wasn’t actually due back to work until april :frowning:

There is nothing wrong on how you feel.
We old folks call it. Baby blues.

You will do great… :heart:

Yes it is absolutely 100% normal to feel separation anxiety from your baby. But with short shifts, it would be a nice break for mom; and will give grandma and granddaughter special time together to. Your doing great and your an amazing mom!! :heart:


Yes, I ended up working the opposite from my husband so that one of us would be the care giver.

Are u kidding i had to work 80 hours a week just to keep the house hold a flot. If u have enough help to be able to be home at all. Consider your self lucky i had no choice. I had to dry my eyes and get busy to this day the struggle has not stopped. If u have any help at all you have nothing to cry about

Yes, I ended up staying home longer. It was so hard to do but you will be ok honey. Especially when grandma is watching her.

Yes.I was always suffering.But it gets easier over time.As you do not want to be begging for her needs to be met.Got to work to support your precious baby.You will like the seperation once in awhile grown up conversations and the things grown ups enjoy.

Of course it is! Relax. It will be ok moms watching her…shes in good hands

I felt that way too. The first week is going to be rough. Once you fall into a routine, it will be easier.

Absolutely! I went thru the same thing. The short shifts will help, but they will feel like forever! But in reality, if you don’t gradually feel better about leaving her, don’t hesitate to bring up those feelings with your doctor!

It was really hard for me also and I had a short shift too so what got me through this was keeping in mind was they are safe and won’t miss you they sleep most of the time and your day will go fast!

Yes, it’s normal. There’s not much that can make it easier. I found that remembering why I was doing it (for my child) helped me get through it.

Normal but it’s time be an adult/mother to your child and working is part of that. The best thing is that your mother is looking after her and not a stranger as many women must do. Go to work and look at it as mommy time so you can be a better mom when you are with her! We need breaks from our kids at time (adult time) whether it be from work or other things, embrace it and you and your child will be better for it. Just don’t get so emotional that it interferes with your work. You don’t need to lose a job with a baby now. Good Luck and remember mom will do nothing to hurt that child, she is safe!

Good luck dear, that’s my worry as well, I’ll go back to work in February and she will be 5 months old