I am really struggling with morning sickness: Advice?

Hi, I want to ask for tips I am 6 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from morning sickness for seven days straight, the past two days can’t stomach even water down. I have tried lemon ginger candies, and they made me throw up, iv done crackers, Gatorade chicken noodle soup, and still throw up. I ate a vegetable stew, and that didn’t go well either. I am asking here since the emergency room said they wouldn’t look at me for this reason and I called my doc twice and can’t see me either until a cancelation pops up, so I’m desperate for DIY remedies and how it worked for you all


Saltine crackers always helped me.

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Try the preggie pops…I think Target and Amazon sell them. They helped a lot when my daughter was pregnant

I had HG. The only thing that helped me was zofran. I understand how much it sucks. At this point it’s more important that you stay hydrated. 1 tablespoon of water ever 10-15 minutes. Or maybe try ice pops. Good luck

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Jello and Sprite (sip it)
Crackers before u get up. Worked for me.

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Apple Juice makes me feel better when I’m nauseas. I’m in my 2nd trimester and still no appetite :persevere:

Maybe dramamine I think it is safe and keep trying clear and bland like the brat diet maybe, bananas, rice, applesauce, toast…jello, broth…pedialyte instead if Gatorade…you will eventually find something that works , just don’t give up, sorry your so miserable and uncomfortable, going with out nourishment can be so exhausting…i hope you find relief soon.

Mints helped me when I was sick with a blockage !! Sending prayers your way !!

Dry bread and mild cheddar cheese. I literally lived on this through my pregnancy. Keep it by your bedside at night and have a nibble if you feel nauseous
And first thing when you wake up. Usually the sickness is due to low blood pressure and low blood sugar and you need to keep both in balance .

Banana, mint tea, chew mint gum, eat smaller meals throughout the day, breaky, lunch and dinner smaller meals. An empty stomach makes it worse. It’ll feel like your eating all day :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I know this sounds weird, but proteins and sometimes sweets helped me with my first pregnancy…I ate burgers (in this case, In-n-Out burgers) to curb nausea. My second pregnancy, it was enchiladas (carbs) and grapefruit… As you try to eat, pay attention to what relieves the nausea…I never even liked grapefruit.

Sea bands they are for motion sickness but will help . Cvs , Walmart most drug stores carry them

I used sour candies and lemon juice. It helped with the morning sickness

Peppermint. Steer clear of mixing sprite and bananas. It will make you ill even if not pregnant. Ice cream and popsicles.

Motherhood maternity (if you dont have one locally try online) had pregnancy suckers that help. I had the all day sickness too so badly I needed Zofran to stop the puking. I would have them next to the bed and as soon as my eyes opened I had to pop one or else I’d be horribly sick!!!

My bff had similar problem. Her mom bought her prenatal without iron and her morning sickness and bubble stomach stopped after a couple days. Some women can’t take extra iron in there diet while pregnant

Wal-Mart has something called preggie pop drops I havent had any morning sickness with my pregnancy but my friend bought those and said they work

Popsicles became my best friend until it subsided for me and anti nausea meds!

Ginger Ale and any food that doesn’t have much seasoning/smell to it. Your HCG levels must be high at this early, don’t be surprised if you find out your having twins or triplets :blush:

Ginger Ale and any food that doesn’t have much seasoning/smell to it. Your HCG levels must be high at this early, don’t be surprised if you find out your having twins or triplets :blush: