I am scared something is wrong with my pregnancy: Advice?

I just found out I am pregnant, but I am kinda scared something is wrong. My period is a week late, and my positive pregnancy tests have been very, very, very faint. I feel like they should be showing darker by now. My sister took her tests a week before her period, and hers were not faint at all. Could this indicate something wrong with my pregnancy? We have been trying for four years and are over the moon. It’s finally happening, but now I am kinda scared something may be wrong.


I was so worried about my HCG levels because they didn’t seem very high the couple times I had them tested when I first found out but everything was okay, have faith! Congratulations! :heart:

With both my kids mine were faint until I was about 6 weeks. Best thing to do is go in and get a blood test done so they can check your levels.

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I’d make an appointment asap if you have concerns. Sometimes early pregnancy can warrant a faint line

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My First test dark second faint third dark give it time and relax mamas congrats!

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My tests were faint with all 3 of my kids. They were all born healthy

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Calm down and go see your doctor. I think you are reading to much into it.


You’re only one week late, dont stress

I was 6 months along and all my pregnancy tests were negative. get a blood test done at a dr and don’t worry too much. Everyones hcg is different.

Go to a doctor for a test. Good luck. Mine were faint but it was confirmed at a doctors office a few days later

Mine were light with my 1st daughter :slightly_smiling_face:. I booked a doctors appointment for a week away & when I got tested there it was much darker :slightly_smiling_face: … she was born early but super healthy we were only in the hospital for 8 days!

Don’t get advice from fb, please go see a doctor.


That’s still super early. Mine test was super light too.

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Please go see a doctor :mask::100:

Call your doctor and ask them to check your hcg.

I tested the day I missed my period and it was very faint and I was pregnant with twins, it didn’t show up darker until a few days later, give it a few days and test again, but if you’re really worried then visit your doctor just to be sure, sometimes the peace of mind is worth it :slight_smile: good luck and congratulations!

Just stop stressing. Regardless, there’s nothing you can do. No matter what the stress isn’t good at all. Just breathe and pray.

Id say you ovulated late in your cycle and your probably only a week or ten days pregnant
Ask gp for blood test
Your hcg doubles daily so could take your blood tomorrow and go back after 48 hours and be tested again and if healthy pregnancy they will tell you straight away from the levels doubling daily
Go see your gp and get the reassurance you need
Congrats :blush:

Or you ovulated a little late and your not as pregnant as you think I happened to me twice

Its probably just too early…