I am sick of my husband not doing things around the house: Thoughts?

I am sick of my husband being so lazy. He’s a good guy and a good dad when he wants to be, but I am done .he works random hours of work since he works for himself, yes there day, he overworks .when work slow, he will work maybe 3 hours max and yet he does nothing at home. I work 8-10 hours a day Monday threw Saturday. I still have to come home clean, cook, help with my daughter’s school things. He won’t even help to pick her up from school when his home is doing nothing. I have to take my lunch when she out of school to be able to pick her up to my daughter. My daughter even now complains that when she stays home with him, all he does is sleep. When I try to tell him things, he gets aggressive and angry with me saying all I do is complain to him. I need help am at a point where I wouldn’t mind leaving him. I make good money on my own, and my family would take me in a heartbeat and can financially help me if needed. I do love my husband deep down, but I don’t think I can keep living with someone like this, but can he change even though we been married six years now and idk am just lost … I don’t want to give up, but they’re so much going on that do,esn’t know what to think.


You just answered your own question. You make good money on your own, have a support system… but if you’re not happy your child sees that. Do you want your daughter to grow up seeing that being treated that way is normal and accepted behavior from men?


Maybe he is going through some sort of depression.


You’ve pretty much answered your own question.

he will only change if he wants to. maybe hes depressed or maybe hes just a lazy pos. try counseling and if nothing changes leave. atleast than you can say you tried. good luck!


He doesn’t do anything because you keep allowing him to do nothing.

Sit down have a discussion no talking at but talking to. Be open honest. Both sides.


That makes me so sad that you’re dealing with this. He sounds like a man child. I would suggest laying it straight to him where you’re at, and couples therapy if you’re willing (and he is too). Otherwise, you’ve said yourself that you’re able to get out and support yourself, it may be time.

If you can’t talk to him, suggest counseling, if he refuses, separate for a while. Bottom line is this, you cannot change a person unless he or she wants to change.


From what I understand about men, he’s not doing it because he really doesn’t have to. That can be changed. What I don’t like is that you said he gets aggressive and angry when you try to communicate with him or ask that he helps out.


Ok typically I would be on the Mama’s side with this one… But my husband and I are both in low spots if depression right now and out house looks like a tidal wave came through. I’m home way more often than him and cannot find the strength to clean.

What if, just hear me out, he is battling depression…?


He may have some issues with depression maybe talk to him about this bottom line he needs to man up.and act like an adult if he is having mental health issues then he needs to make the move to get help not you if he doesn’t then he is choosing not to love forward in life and get better for his family. I would leave if after talking openly with him about this if he doesn’t make a move to change something in a month or two then leave don’t baby him, don’t nag him but let him know in a loving way you also have a lot on your shoulders too and you need him to contribute if he flat out says no or wont even have that discussion with you then make plans

Kick him the hell out. Dont put up with that crap.

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Have another discussion. Tell him what you expect of him and let him know that you are at the end of your rope. Let him know you are considering leaving if things don’t change permanently.


When mothers have depression we can’t sleep all day and crap up the house. Heck no parent can depressed or not. With children you don’t have a choice. It’s up to adults to realize they need help and seek it.


Maybe just tell.him? Like pick up your daughter at this time. Dont give him an option. Say everything to him you said here…how you work 6 days a week and if he doesnt step it up, you’re done? Give him a list of things you want done…men dont get it most of the time and seriously need every little thing badically written out for them.

You just said you wouldn’t mind leaving, leave.

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Well I think you should quit! If you can support yourself and your daughter than start a happy new life. Dnt wait to see the worst. Your daughter deserves better. I am sure you will be much better off without him. Good luck my dear


Tell him it’s either time you get up and help or get out if you don’t want to be apart of the family. You sound like you’ve already got your mind made up just haven’t put it into action xx

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Does he do outside chores, fix the cars, unplug toilets, paint a room?