I am starting a new job and my son is breastfed: Should I wean?

I am starting a new job on the 15th, which will be 4 pm-10pm, 5 days a week. My son is 13 months old and still breastfeeding to fall asleep for naps and bedtime. I know this transition will be hard for him, and I was wondering if there is any advice on ways to make it easier for him, especially since he goes down for bed at 8 pm, but I won’t be there to nurse him down. Should I night wean? Will this affect his feedings during the day? Should I completely wean him? Any advice is greatly appreciated. I just want to make this easy on my sweet boy.


Definitely not easy to wean…

Can you pump and have him take bottles for night feeding?


I would wean slowly then you wont have to worry about sore breasts, etc. He can still use breast for naps during day.


Technically, your job has to give you space & time to pump during work. I would look into it just in case you decide not to wean him.

How is he with table food, a good meal and warm bath before bed might help.

If you are ready to wean then do so otherwise pump at work/ during day so he has a bottle. It sounds like he will only need one. Just nurse him before you leave and again when home (assuming he wakes up for you, don’t wake him if not)

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And please don’t take this the wrong way cause we all have these feelings about our babies but he probably won’t even notice your gone.


I will say that my experience was cutting the night feeding first, letting my husband bottle feed him. He stopped the other ones by himself shortly after.

In my experience it’s harder to ween than it is to pump for a sippy/bottle. If your hubby or whoever is watching him holds him for that night time feeding it will be easier on him. Don’t ween unless you are ready, at 13 months I’d almost guarantee he is not ready to ween or he would stop showing interest.

Is he used to a sippy cup yet? You could start using that at nap time & see how it goes. If you aren’t ready to wean yet, pump so he’ll have your milk at night. Good luck.

I would for a few days keep feeding him to sleep and have your partner/whoever will be caring for him come in while you feed. Have them talk softly and maybe put their hand on him. Then for the last few days before you start, have your partner/kids caretaker put him to sleep after you give your son a kiss goodnight.

It might be difficult, especially since it’s more necessity than choice, but you just need to stay firm.

Pump your milk.it can ALSO be frozen if need to

I nursed and worked full time so it is possible to too keep going if you want but to wean can be hardest if it’s become a comfort thing at night. It’s not the milk that baby is wanting, it’s the closeness of mom and the comfort of nursing that is soothing baby to sleep so try to find something else that can take the place of that at night and good luck.

Wean it some babies ok with it and some not lol but if your baby wont want wean it then pumps them and freeze it they can be good up to 6 month