I am stressed and yelling at more kids more than I would like: Advice?

Hey mommas! I’ve noticed I’ve been stressed an insane amount and have been yelling at my kids way more than I’d like and not engaging with them as much as I should because I’m always stressed about the things they do(not bad things, just things kids do bc they’re kids, arguing, sassing etc.) Is there any free online parenting classes you know of? I’m searching around my town for help also.


Also know to get some mom time away time if possible to defrag. Your an amazing parent your kids love you, everyone at some point or another feels this way.

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A vacation to somewhere with just you and your S/O for a week would help that.

contact pediatrician, social services or local health department for information

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Count to 10 before you say anything unless some is dying. It works if you can remember to do it.

In my town I took a free parenting class at the hospital and they also provided daycare for your kids during it. Maybe check out if any hospitals or others do the same?

This parenting thing is not easy. We have good days and we have bad days. The important thing is not to beat ourselves up too badly when we have bad days. We are all human and doing the best that we can. Sometimes when i feel like I’m about to lose it I give myself a time out and walk into another room (sometimes with a glass of wine :grinning:). Removing yourself from the situation for a few minutes can do wonders! Good luck mama! You got this!!


What an awesome mom for seeking help! Bless you! Pediatrician or even your own doc…

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I think this is common among most, if not all, of us. Get “Mommy time”! Step away! Woo-sah!
When you feel overwhelmed and you can’t have mommy time… Try taking a walk with them or find other activities to help burn their energy or just change the energy period. I read an article about children also being overwhelmed and/or having tough days… They may just need to nap or have their attention redirected.
Seek real help!
You got this!

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Sounds to me you need some you time. With the holidays coming up things get stressful. Lately I’ve been taking a 10-20min walk to let me clear my head and that helps me. However you choose to unwind, but take some time for yourself.

To train up a child… seriously worth a read

I started going to therapy. Accepted medication to deal with my anxiety, depression and anger. I haven’t looked into parenting classes but I think I will also!

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If there is a crisis pregnancy center in your area they often times offer parenting classes or have life coaches available to help with these things and are usually free. I feel the same way you do sometimes mama! Take a chunk out of your day to be silly with the kids…like play simon says or put on some music and do aome silly dances…they will get to see you have fun, they will get energy out and you will destress too cause you are exercising and laughing…getting that dopamine fix

Look into love and logic

Girl get a day out! As much as you love your kids, being with them 247 is mentally draining. And can cause depression. So find a day to get out. Hire a babysitter, or ask a relative to watch them. And you go do you! Go eat, pedi and mani, shopping. Hell , even window shopping. Go hang out with a friend and yall just talk about life. Maybe you just need a girlfriend to talk to.

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I don’t have any recommendations in regards to parenting classes; I just wanted to say that your recognizing that there’s an issue, reaching out, and actively wanting to change things are all indicators that you are a caring and attentive mom, and you deserve a lot of credit for that. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect parent, but the fact that you are open to help and want to better yourself as a mom really speaks volumes about your character and your love for your children. It takes a very strong person to do so, and they are super-lucky to have a mom who cares enough to do that. I applaud you for seeking improvement and wish you all the luck in the world. Happy holidays!


You are not alone Iam definetly feeling the same … I have a 7,6 and 2 year old twins…

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Is there a Marijuana type for us stressed moms,seems to be types for sleep, high or pain.Valium woeks well but try getting more than a few out of the GP

Self care!!! I am so serious. You can’t be the best mom if you’re not you’re best you. I always feel good after me time. Even if its just taking a longer shower, doing my nails, etc.

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The best thing you can do is take some time for yourself. Get a sitter for a day. Even if all you do is sit at home and enjoy some peace and quiet.

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