I am struggling to get pregnant: Advice?

I have five years old daughter who was a surprise baby, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Love her more than my life. When she was born or even before that, I always wanted only one kid, but now I feel like I desperately need another child. I get emotional every now and then. We have been trying for the last six months and no hope. I got myself checked, no issues. I m losing hope and getting frustrated. Sometimes I just want to give up. Can someone please suggest what to do? Should I not worry about another kid or how to get rid of to urge I have in my heart. Am I raising one kid’s stories? I don’t want to go through fertility treatment and all. Thank you very much.


Have you tracked your cycle to see when your ovulating or done ovulation testing

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Ovulate a week before cycle…chart it…take prenatals…try not to stress and relax about it. Also…have preseed lube at stores can try as well. Maybe he needed to be tested. Possible low count? May needs to change to loose boxers and sperm building foods and stuff.

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I was on fertility drugs. Then covid happned. I started in January. Nothing happened so far. When I go back I will talk about ivf options.

It took my husband and I almost 2 years to have our daughter. I have PCOS so that caused difficulty but what finally worked is we were able to just relax a little. If you’re able to take a weekend trip or even just a long day trip and overnight away just you and your partner/spouse, do it!! It worked for us. Good luck to you! :purple_heart::purple_heart:

Ovulation predictor kits. Have they tested your thyroid? Test thyroid levels too- thyroid can keep you from getting pregnant. Don’t have sex every day- have it only on highly fertile days (when ovulation predictor kit says it’s time) and try to relax.

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My thing was don’t try, have fun… Between my first an second daughter it was a 11 year gap We tried for at 9 years, then didn’t think much more about it (we thought it wouldn’t happen) then it did… between our 2nd an 3rd it’s a 5 year gap, we tried for 3 years then again stopped trying an it happened… my period was all over the place, tracking ovulation just become to much that I over thought about it all to much…

If you’re stressing trying to get pregnant it can actually prevent you from getting pregnant!


6 months really isn’t that abnormal of a time frame. Its not considered an issue for healthy adults unless it’s been over 12 months. You could be missing ovulation window. Try just having sex every other day from the time your period ends to the time its supposed to start again so you don’t miss a single thing. It took me 6 to 8 months with my first 3 then when I did it the way I just explained, number 4 happened the 1st month of trying! Worth a shot!


You could try taking prenatal vitamins with folic acid. Good luck!

We struggled for some time and then we used the clear ovulation kit and got pregnant the 1st month. I was a whole week off from my tracking calendars!

I thought for years there was something wrong with me but finally at 32 and in a relationship with a man that I was positive I wanted kids with I downloaded and app to track and everything and BAM just like I was pregnant. Have a 3 yr old boy, and currently 10 weeks pregnant with my second at age 35

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It took me and my husband 13 years to have our first one we tried everything. When I gave up hope of ever being a mom it happened once I quit stressing over it. She is 9 now and was a big surprise and before she was a year old I found out I was pregnant again with my 7 year old.

I’ve done everything to get pregnant again, we’ve been trying for 2½years and nothing, not even “pregnancy scare” and I’ve been tested to find out if somethings wrong and everything’s come back normal. So trust me I get how frustrating it has to be.

I know a lot of people say this… but 6 months isn’t long… also the more you try the more stress your body has and less likely to conceive!
Unless there’s something going on, if you stop trying and just think ‘if I get pregnant, I get pregnant and that’s a good thing’. Stop thinking about it so much… it’s not a job you have to get done right away, just be patient, relax and enjoy the sex. Also everything happens for a reason


Ok this is going to sound weird but it has helped several of my friend get pregnant. Drink lots of orange juice, everyone in the home stop using any plastic utensils, dishes in the microwave or stovetop. It’s strange I know. The plastic when heated releases fumes in the air that you breath and can cause problems. No harm in giving it a try, what’s the worse thing g that can happen

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I was in a similar boat. I did the keto diet strict for month and 1/2 and bam I’m pregnant. I have one tube, endometriosis and pcos and I’m in early menopause (I’m 36) so lots going against me. Keto has been known to help many trying to conceive. I’m sure lots of info on google. I’m just under 12wks along and my son is 5 1/2. Yrs old. Look into keto and see if it’s for you.

The normal amount of time is about a year to be trying before conceiving. 6 months isn’t long at all. Maybe you ovulate right after your period like me. Don’t try. That’s when it’ll happen.

Take prenatal vitamins and a folic acid pill a day! It prepares your body , my doctor recommended this to me, it did work after a couple months :slightly_smiling_face:

Up to a year trying is completely normal