I am struggling to get pregnant and am unhappy: Advice?

Please post this anonymously. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I feel like I am alone in the world, doing everything myself. My husband and I are trying for a baby, and I’m just putting in more effort than he is. His sister has him thinking,’ it only takes one time. ’ before we were married, she had told us ’ you’ll be popping babies when you two get married. ’ and etc. I’ve told him all woman are different, and I guess it goes out one ear and comes out the other. I went to the doctor because I’m three weeks late on aunt Flo and he just flat out said, 'you’re not pregnant ’ and told me about the pros and such along with testing. I went ahead to be the first one to get tested. As before, I mentioned to him, ’ honey, we should get tested. ’ but he didn’t want to. Ladies, please tell me what I should do, I’m doing the best I can, and I just want to give up on everything. I just want to have a child, to love and care for like how my great grandmother cared for me. Is it too much to ask for.


You are the reason why no one should abort a baby. People like you are having trouble and other selfish people arent even thinking about putting up for adoption. Honestly periods are weird. Keep trying!!! I did. And if you are late for too long and arent pregnant. …there can be an underlying issue.

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STOP having sex to get pregnant. Putting that kind of stress on yourself is NOT helping you to get pregnant


It took me over a year to get pregnant after having the depo shot, I thought their was something wrong with me, but I got tested and everything came back great. Doctor recommended prenatal vitamins. After a couple weeks of taking them I ended up pregnant. Sometimes your body just needs that extra boost your body is lacking.


I honestly started eating better and working out and just gave up we were pregnant in no time and at that point I didn’t even want a child after all the stress and fighting between my husband and I.

It truly happens when you least expect it and you’re body is happy


You’re probably just too stressed. Honestly if your husband makes you feel this way, why are you even trying to have a baby with him? Doesn’t sound supportive… you’re married, yet you feel alone? Maybe you should work on your marriage, try counseling or something before bringing a baby into the picture. A new baby is a lot of stress as well and it doesn’t sound like you get the support you need.


Get yourself healthy. Work out, eat right, cut out soy products, boost your dairy and cinnamon intake, take prenatal vitamins and start to enjoy sex. If you both cum your more likely to get pregnant.


Go to the chiropractor (tell them you are TTC)
Try not to stress
How long have you been trying?


It took a year for me to get pregnant with my second. I pretty much stopped trying so hard and bam.

Take birth control pills for a couple of months. The quit talking them. You will get pregnant quicker.


Don’t think about trying to get pregnant just try to enjoy being with your spouse. Spice it up in the bedroom and try to have sex once a day. Make it fun though, the less stressed you are the easier it will be. My sister tried for ten years and they got pregnant when they stopped trying and just had fun.

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It took me 6 yrs to get pregnant with my oldest… and 2 yrs for my second and a yr with my 3rd… it takes time to make a baby… doesn’t always happen the first time

It took me several years to get pregnant. I tried fertility medication, had my children’s father tested to find out it was me… I went under surgery. The whole nine yards to get pregnant. When I finally decided to give up is when I conceived my son. Please don’t lose hope. You’ll get your bundle of joy one day either that be through pregnancy or adoption. I pray that your prayers and hopes and dreams are answered.


Long story short, My husband and I BOTH had issues. After years of fertility treatments, we adopted our beautiful daughter at birth❤️ she is now 7 years old❤️


When you stop trying is when it’ll happen, or at least it did for us.

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It took me a couple months when I got pregnant the first time and sadly lost that one. After trying for 2 years, we are finally expecting our rainbow in august. We tried clomid and metformin for 9 months. My husband was taking clomid as well for low sperm count. After 9 months and no success our dr switched me to letrozole. We also scheduled with a fertility specialist for January. This was in November. I decided for December we were gonna take a month off. I didn’t take any fertility medicine. I didn’t track ovulation. The only thing we did was have sex every other day and just enjoyed each other. We found out we were pregnant a week before Christmas.
I truly believe that not stressing over a schedule and ovulation sticks, along with not dealing with the stressful hormones that fertility meds can cause kept us from conceiving. From someone who literally bawled every month for 2 years when my period came, hated seeing pregnancy announcements, all the terrible infertility stuff, take it from me, don’t stress about it.

As for your husband, this is my personal opinion. When he gets ready, he will do whatever test it takes to help you conceive. And if his heart isn’t in it, then don’t push him into something he doesn’t want.

Much love and I’m here if you ever need to talk!!

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It took me almost 2 years to get pregnant. I was putting so much pressure and stress on both of us during the time of us trying. So one day I realized, this is supposed to be a fun experience, and all I’m doing is being upset that it’s not happening. So, I stopped trying, and then a couple months later I was pregnant. Stress is a huge factor. It will happen when it is supposed to :heart:
I also have PCOS and my doctors NEVER helped me try to get pregnant because insurance never covered what I needed for pcos. It will happen, just gotta have faith, and have fun!!


I have struggled with infertility and has a couple losses. I went and got tested at a fertility doctor and found out I had a condition called pcos. I went on medication and changed my diet and my labs are improving! Hold onto hope. I also suggest going for acupuncture

We “tried” for 4 mos, I said well its not happening so will work on getting healthier lost 8 lbs, 2 mos later was pregnant. I was excited to be losing and didn’t expect to get pregnant as we hadn’t when trying. I know others try even longer. It could be stop trying and in time will happen or could be medical reasons. Did the Dr say why you were 3 weeks late? Is it a hormonal issue? If talk to your Dr and also take advice above stop trying and stressing as sometimes it doesn’t happen when we want it. Best wishes.

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Both of you need to get tested. Then go from there.