I am struggling to make friends: Just wanted to vent

Not a pity post; just wanted to put how I feel kinda post: So my kids and I moved to a different province a couple of months ago. Everything is going great, my kids made friends right away, fit into their new schools with ease, and they took the move good (we had it planned for months. my boyfriend works full time here, that’s why we moved here. We’ve known each other for years but have been dating for over a year now). Anyways, the last couple of days, I’ve been struggling a bit with making friends. My boyfriend goes out bike riding with friends; my kids do their things with their friends or whatever. But all I’ve been doing is working, house work, running errands, etc. I’ve been in tears the last couple of days because I’m jealous that everyone has friends or something to do.


Make friends when going to the grocery store or other errands you may run! I really don’t have friends but I work a lot and just surround my off time with my kids and grandkids

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Boyfriend should be helping do all of this for one.


Get to know the parents of your children’s friends.

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Maybe there’s a Facebook group for moms around you maybe look into community events for have park dates with your kids friends

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I understand where your coming from. My husband an I were raising our granddaughter she was in elementary school at the time. So I got involved with the PTO helping with school events an being a class grandma. I met some very nice women doing this. But outside of school events I couldnt seem to really connect with them.It was very disappointing. So I decided to be a volunteer at my church thrift store. I did manage to connect with a couple of ladies an we would get together for coffee. It was a very small town an the women were a bit stand offish. I came from NY the big city maybe they found me a little bit much. Anyway I settled for the church ladies an they were alot of comfort. Perhaps join a church group.

Go to like a wine paint night they are super fun and it’s a good opportunity to meet new people :wink: also they also have all kinds of group like this where you build stuff ect Facebook is a good way to find these groups also Groupon :blush:good luck and we have all been their don’t feel alone

Does your bf friends have girlfriends or wives maybe you can be friends with them. Me personally I enjoy my own company


Talk to everyone you come into contact with. You’ll find someone where the conversation flows and you have things in common and take it from there😊


Make time once a week.or something and join a hobby group

Are the kiddos in activities? Baseball, dance, soccer, swim etc? You can get to know the parents of the other kiddos there❤
Best of luck!


Can you ride a bike? (I can’t right now) . Invite his biking friends to stay for coffee or drinks, dessert, etc.


I joined clubs or whatnot at the library. Maybe look into something like that.

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Do you have any interests or want to take up a new hobbie. Look for local groups and start there x

I don’t have any friends that I go and hang with either. I’m so busy being a mom and fiancé that it doesn’t bother me as much. I quit being friends with my best friend over a month ago, we were friends for 15 years. It hurt but it was for the best.


If your a nice looking person sometimes it’s a trust issue with other women. Older women are more sure of themselves and their relationship with their partners. They will more likely be someone to befriend. Hang in there sounds like you are just in a trail period. Good luck


Your boyfriend (if he isn’t) needs to help you around the house when he is home. Not saying he shouldn’t have a social life outside of you but maybe suggest getting a baby sitter and taking you along one of the times he goes out with friends. More than likely one of them has a girl of their own you could possibly make friends with. Or again baby sitter and take you out himself and find friends together. I’m not exactly flowing with friends myself but that’s what I would suggest.

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I don’t have friends where I moved to either. Just work( which you can’t make friends at doing what I do) and take care of 4 kids. :woman_shrugging:t2:

try a book club, a girl’s club, if you are working outside your home, that is a great way to make friends, Volunteer. Bring your kids to their friends house & talk to their mothers, You must have neighbors, when you see them, say Hello…& go on from there

I was feeling that exact same way so I posted on two local mom sites and had such a crazy overwhelming response from momma’s who were lonely just like me! Do something crazy, reach out and I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what happens! :heart_eyes: P.s I meant Satan not satin haha