I am struggling to parent through virtual learning: How can I get my kids to listen?

I need help. I am homeschooling my three kids and working from home. My kids are testing every last nerve I have by not listening. They make messes and fight to clean them up; they won’t stick to their school work (they are scheduled and have set break times, and when they get overwhelmed, I let them take a moment), and they are picking fights with each other. I’m tired of yelling and having to follow them around to make sure they’re picking up after themselves. Stuff like spilled milk is a fight to clean up. It shouldn’t be this difficult. Does anyone have some tips for me? I need help! I’m at my wit’s end!


Maybe they have cabin fever . Have you tried “recess “ like outdoor play to run off energy

i think give them melatonin at night so u can get some breathing time.

also get them to do P.E. before school to try and get them a bit tired. dont give them anything with sugar until after school if they behave. try to bribe them. lol.

u seem to be doing a good job sense u havent gone crazy yet. lol.

Most of us are having this problem. Home is NOT school. I am gramma-not the teacher-it’s a nightmare


It has taken me about 6 months of constant reminders to get my daughter to throw away her garbage and pick up messes, shes 8. Just keep on them but don’t yell, eventually they’ll remember.

I would suggest taking something away for the remainder of the day every time they don’t listen. Like the tv or things that entertain them. They need disciplined to know it is not going to be tolerated. Just my suggestion. Kids require that socialization and structure that classroom instruction gives them. I haven’t talked to one patent not extremely frustrated by this point. A few have even decided to send their kids back to school. If that is an option I would seriously contemplate it cause mama’s are not meant to be their mom and teacher. They’re certainly trying you in ways they wouldn’t try their teacher.

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Same boat here. Its hard because we’re the parents. The level of respect for us and comfort at home is different then with a teacher at school. My oldest is 9 and driving me crazy with her shit :joy::sweat_smile: Im like "Would you do this stuff at school to your teacher?! Didnt think so. So stop doing it to me. " LOL. Lord help us all… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Honestly, after the same with my kids, I realized they are not learning anything from me and are just pushing my sanity lol soooo their school opens back up the 28th for 4 days a week, they are going back lol i hate doing it but I just can’t with my mental health

Rewards and treats will make them act right :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Try breaks at different times for each kid, in a different area, call it ‘the break room’. Have a recess time during a time you can have a 1 hr break from work. It’s hard on all of us. Good luck!


I am doing the virtual at home learning. I have not had any problems I kept the school routine. They are up at 7 they eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth and then they have chores to do. Then start at 8am, they have those tri -fold boards seperating each of them so no distractions. Lunch break at 11:30. Break in morning and afternoon. Then end at 3:00 and theb outiside they go until dinner. Routines are super helpful!! I swear by charts, routines, schedules!

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Having problems as well he thinks bc he’s home it’s all play and we get interrupted by his older sister who has a brain injury…so let me tell yinz its not easy what’s so ever

Sticker chart. When you catch them being good give them a sticker. When they fill a sheet they get a prize. I take mine to thrift stores to pick prizes they can “buy”. It’s not a cure all. But it does help.

i totaly get it i have 3 and a nb on the way , im sending them back next week and about the melatonin best advice i was ever given my kids were staying up till like 3 or 4 am and looked sick i tried everything with them and someone told me 3mg of melatonin will help them get on a sleep schedual so i tried it and omg what a change. hang in there i know its not easy but you are a women and can handle it all:) now imagine our husbunds/so doing this hahahah

As a homeschool mom, setting schedules is key. Also I created brain bins so when my son is feeling flustered we take a brain break. We do play-doh play with block or legos. The list is endless with brain bins. These are also already set up in a designated area. I also do a reward system with marbles. So when they do well they earn marbles when they have aren’t listening I’ll take marbles away. I also let him choose what his jar of marbles earns him when full(obviously within reason) you also have to understand home is a safe zone they are more comfortable to act out at home and know what buttons to push. This isn’t normal for any of us and remember they are struggling just like you are is key. Another tip that has worked for me is setting timers for assignments and if they finish before the timer the minutes left they earn that amount of marbles. These work well for us but we still have tough days and that’s ok. It’s a learning process for us all.


Take away all toys, they can earn them back by doing their classwork/homework. Be strict with cups staying in the kitchen on the table. Place each child through out the house in a chair and something to put their tablet/computer on. Nothing around them. Place little clocks by them, write out a schedule to give to each to follow.


I definitely remind them that it is school and they have to behave as they would in school. 1st grade and 2nd grader. I work from home and sit them right across from me. So they don’t horse around. Keep a schedule. Online school all day. And my husband has stage 4 Cancer so I have to help him out too. The house stays a mess but I make sure they do homework and get feed. They can play after school while I continue to work.


I’ve got my 3 in separate parts of the house based on how trustworthy they are…my 4th grader is in the same room where I work from home. 7th grader is in the upstairs loft. 8th grader is in the kitchen where I can see/hear her but shes got some autonomy.


The first 2 weeks of homebound schooling is finally over. This 2nd weekend is much better. I only have one (thankfully). I.T. had to be called 3 times the 1st week, missed the first day of school cause I believed the iPad was all set up., my child hates school, and after the first week I was so upset and crying my husband sat down with the iPad and wrote to IT himself. 2nd week was batter. Teacher making schedule more kid friendly and classes open without a lot of passwords and codes. My advice is it gets easier, put on your big girl pants, you can do this. My husband also bought me flowers. Once the children know what behavior is acceptable and the routine is set, things will go better. Make sure they take their breaks, free time and encourage them often.

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We break up school work with activities during break that she enjoys. For example after 30 minutes of independent reading(second grader) she gets 10 minutes of free time. Other breaks include a craft or outside play. Setting timers or keeping a consistent schedule helps her stay motivated, knowing she will get a break.

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