I am struggling with baby fever: Advice?

Need advice mamas I have two boys 10,6, and I’m struggling horribly with a baby fever while my husband has no desire to have another one I find myself crying and so emotional over the situation what has helped others move past this.


Idk I’m going to be just like you :sob::sob::sob:

Daycare expenses. I pay $1600 a month for a newborn, 5 year old and 10 year old. (10 only needs to go to before and after care)

Have you told your husband that it makes you this emotional knowing you can’t have another?

Man. I thought your kid had a fever. :rofl::woman_facepalming:t2:


Getting my tubes removed.

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perhaps sometimes the brain is smarter than the heart. I’d like 5 kids and 39 dogs. My financial situation will never support all of them, at once, anyhow. I will settle for a new dog ever 15 years, might equal what I want. I would adopt if I was past child bearing years if it were human babies, but I’d not sacrifice the quality of life my human or 4 leg kids had, if I had the choice to collect more.

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I have a 10 yr old, 7 yr old and a 1.5 year old… all girls… it’s a handful and tough.

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Have a baby. Problem solved. If he doesn’t want another he can’t get his shit cut.

now, if YOU personally feel YOU yourself can support an additional child, AND YOU need one so badly, and he doesn’t, remove him from the equation AND have a child, all on your own, that you can support, alone, without sacrificing the children you already have.


Better not going with that feeling unless you want to end up a single mother of 3. When a man says he doesnt want anymore,it should be respected as much as when a woman decides same!


We have an 18 year old almost 7 year old and one who just turned 5 years. I still want more but I had to have my tubes tied because I do have medical issues but we are looking into fostering since it is cheaper then adopting

Talk to him. Don’t want to force him to have another but maybe if y’all talk about it and figure other aspects out you may be able to compromise?

My youngest is 5. I feel you. I had my tubes and an ovary removed a few years ago… knowing that there’s not shit I can do about it helps lol.

Oooo… my kids are 27, 25, and 14… I love them all… and I wouldn’t change anything about it… financially we could so we did… that 14 year old tho…lmao

Lol have an accident i just had my 4th ita amazing having a baby again lol xxxxxx

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Well, what can be done is up to you.

For some, this kind of situation can be a deal breaker.

You can’t force him to be a father again if he doesn’t want to. But he can’t force you to never have another child again either.

That’s what you first need to figure out. Do you truly want a child that badly? Or can you save it for whenever your kids grow decide to have thier own and just enjoy the grandbabies?

I suggest testing waters everywhere for now. Are you employed? If not, maybe try working at like a daycare if you can. Or babysitting for a friend whenever you can. Get a taste of it again, even the bad parts to know how important this is to you. See what it’s like having 3 kids around. Remind yourself of the pros and cons.

Once you have figured out a true, 100% resolve and know for sure you want another, sit down and have a serious, deep conversation with him. Ask why in particular he doesn’t want another child, etc. A full discussion. Maybe you can convince him. But you cannot force this. You may just end up with a baby he didn’t want and that will be very clear. You may practically be raising another baby on your own. He has to actually be on board with this.

It’s up to you to figure out how important this is to you and how far you are willing to go to make it happen. If you are willing to accept the possibility of him not wanting to be fully involved if he does allow another.

No one can really give you a straight, what-you-should-do answer for this. It’s up to you entirely.

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Seeing how bad my boys can get , is what gets rid of my baby fever!


Having a horrible birth experience :sweat_smile: I still get baby fever but then I remember that and then having 2 toddlers and it quickly goes away

:woman_facepalming: Shes asking how women got past that feeling- NOT to hear about oops babys, shame her, or basically tell her that shes gonna run off her husband. I agree talk to your husband about your feelings. But more so because you’re dealing with a very strong emotion, not to try and change his mind.

I like to remind myself what an absolute horrible time taking care of an infant can be. So, maybe do some babysitting? Volunteer at a hospital to cuddle at-risk newborns. Talk to your husband too. I’m not saying to try and convince him to have more kids, but you need to communicate your feelings to him.