I am struggling with my self-image after having a c-section scar: Advice?

With my first, I had it fairly easy and was back to pre-pregnancy weight after about a month and a half. With my second, I’m three months postpartum and still have about 20 lbs to lose. Add a scar from a c-section, and I just hate looking at my body. I love my kids, and I would do it all over again, but my self-esteem really took a hit this time around. I know it sounds vain, and I feel guilty for even being so upset by this. I’m wondering what you mama’s have done to help your self-esteem. I’m not talking about working out or eating healthy (which I’ve already been doing) I’m talking about coming to terms with the fact your body is different?


Wear your warrior scar with pride! You had a human cut out of your body!!! You’ve done miraculous things! Cut yourself some slack. Your worth is not based on your weight. You’re a mama! Congratulations!


Please get out and enjoy the holidays w with your family

Use stairs as much as possible to help lose tummy and it helps to take some kind of gas relief after a c-section too. As for the scar you will cherish it and need it later when your child gets older and pisses you off

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Your body carried your beautiful children and kept them safe and healthy until they were welcomed into this world. Your c-section scar is the mark of a warrior wear it proudly. I have never had a c-section but I know people who have and they say it’s harder to lose the weight after because of the time you had to take to recover from surgery. Hang in there. :heart:

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My scar used to bug me a lit. After i healed completely it just started getting less noticable. Now i forget i even have it. It just takes time momma. And i struggled with dropping the extra weight i gained especially after the c-section. I eventually lost the weight too. It just took awhile but it happened.


Check out therapy. Not sure FB can resolve body image issues.


Post partum depression comes in many shapes and sizes. If it gets worse please seek out help, had a friend that felt the same and ended up with an eating disorder.

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It’s easier said than done, but remember why that scar is there! When you get down about it, think about the baby that came from that scar and how much you love them. I also had a hard time with the stretch marks, c-section scar, and extra/loose skin but over time it’ll get better.

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Your pre baby body was like roses and your postpartum body is like Christmas lights. Both are beautiful, unique, and deserve to be appreciated.


First, your body has housed two human beings. You’re taking care of two other human beings and keeping them alive despite themselves is a feat in and of itself.
Second. There’s nothing wrong with a C-section scar. There’s nothing shameful about it. And aside from getting a tattoo to cover it up you cant get rid of it. Embrace it. Its just a reminder of your beautiful baby.

Third. You can do something about the weight, if you want. Make exercise fun. Dance around with your kids. Take them for walks. Use a yoga ball. Don’t make it a chore you have to do.

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Give yourself time. You’ll get your body back. I did and I feel better than before. I also had a c-section and i used to workout a lot. It was difficult seeing my body afterwards and it took time to get back in shape due to the surgery.


Sometimes there’s nothing you can do until your horomones regulate. You had a baby, several babies, it’s silly to think things will go back to the way they once were. I wish women could see real women’s bodies, everybody thinks women are supposed to look like porn stars after squeezing out kids. Get real, give it time.


You are a majestic zebra who earned that scar. That scar brought your child into this world and it stands as a reminder of how freaking awesome you are.


Ffs. You wanted a baby you got one. You didn’t buy it in a store. You were thrilled with the changes in your body during pregnancy now you are left with a post baby body aren’t we all ! Learn to love yourself

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I’m 2 months post pardum and I still have 25 lbs to lose

I think ur being too hard on urself
The scar is hardly noticeable

I think ur still dealing with post pardum depression
But towards urself instead of ur baby
We all get it…its that sometimes the hormones take longer to leave our bodies which then causes us to be depressed even longer.

Be thankful for what is going right
It’s not a competition

I’m thankful for the 25 lbs I already lost
A healthy baby
Not in pain I can maneuver as I couldn’t get on and off bed it was excruciating pain…it took 2 months to get to where I am
Gotta celebrate the lil victories
U will lose the weight
Baby steps
I heard Keto coffee helps lose weight quickly
Dont starve urself…u baby needs u healthy and needs u to nourish urself so u can give baby health milk

What do is fix up my hair get my make up on I do my nails I go shopping for new clothes that fit me great

I think this may be a deeper issue if u have struggled before baby
It’s ok to need therapy

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Sounds like you need therapy. I’m sure it’s normal but it could also be underlying postpartum depression. It never hurts to talk to someone :heart:

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Check out thebirdspapaya on Instagram and read her posts :heart:

You are going thru the most natural process any woman experience you are not alone been there done that

Love yourself.i had major surgery at 24 and was ashamed of my scars. It took me years to accept and be thankful for my body.