I am stuck in the middle of my mother and fiance: Advice?

I’m a divorced single mother. My mother lives with me and my fiancée moved in with me about a year ago. My mother lived with my ex husband and I but they didn’t get along because my mother would mettle in our marriage to the point he couldn’t take it so we got a divorce. For the past year my fiancée has had issues with my mom but out of respect he hasn’t brought them up until recently it came to a head and my fiancée and my mom blew up at each other. At the end of the argument my mother told my fiancée to leave. He left so there wouldn’t be anymore problems but now my fiancée said I didn’t stick up for him which I know I didn’t. Now I’m caught in the middle and don’t know what to do. I don’t want another broken relationship because of my mother but she is my mother. Any advice?

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You’re just as toxic as she is if you’re allowing it.


You’re spouse COMES BEFORE HER!!!

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Well, she ran off one spouse. You should probably cut the cord.


Toxic is toxic. It doesn’t matter if she’s family. She’s ruining every relationship you have because she’s not the center of attention. It’s time for her to grow up and move on.

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Your allowing it to happen…problem begins with your inability to tell your mother to stop her shit. I wouldnt blame the man if he walked away.

You just said it yourself… she ruined your marriage and now she is ruining this relationship too. You will never be in a healthy relationship until you cut the cord from your mother. Otherwise, enjoy many more broken relationships and being a single mother.

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Your spouse comes before her! Spouses and children always come before other family members in my opinion so kick her the heck out !

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Why does ur mother live with u?

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You need to set boundaries with her. Maybe it’s time your mum moved out and lived her own life instead of controlling yours!!

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If he’s going to be your husband he needs to come ahead of your mom. She already destroyed one marriage so you need to say something if you’re ever going to stay married. Your mom seems to have a major issue with you having a steady relationship that doesn’t evolve around her. Sounds like mom needs to move out.


tell her to get her own place?


Send her to the basement, she way too involved.


Your spouse should always come before your mom. You allowed it to destroy one marriage already. Are you seriously going to let it destroy another? Because if that’s the case, be prepared to be single and lonely for tr he rest of your life. Your mom is toxic and you are just as toxic for allowing it. Learn when to put your foot down!


Grow up and be married or keep letting your mom live with you.


She needs to be moved in a nursing home if you ever plan on actually having a relationship. If you keep her there, plan on being single forever

You answered your own question. Tough love my dear. I know she is your precious mother, but it is time to set BOUNDARIES. This is your life. Your life. :heart:


You’re never going to be happy until you put HER in her place. She needs to go!!! There’s no way in hell I’d stay with my husband if I was in your fiancé’s position.


Sounds like your mom is the common denominator here. Maybe time for her to move.


If you don’t put your foot down and cut off her toxic behavior, then you’re going to end up letting her ruin all of your relationships. Your fiancé is right. You did not stick up for him and that’s just as toxic as your mother causing problems. If you want a relationship to work then your mother needs to back off. If she refuses to stop causing problems then it may be time for her to find her own place to live. You’re an adult and don’t need mommy controlling all of your relationships or ruining them for that matter.