I am terrifed to give birth again: How was your 3rd?

I recently found out I’m pregnant with my third child. I’m Terrified of going through labor and delivery again. My first was a breeze for delivery hard for labor. My second was okay for labor. Delivery was stressful. I tore horribly and I’m still freaked out over it. What was everyone’s third delivery experience.


My third was insanely easy. I had my tubes tied, went home and went for a mile walk.

What’s the ages of the other two ? I had my third when my second was 3 and a half and it wasn’t too bad now I’m expecting my 4 and I’m scared but I’ll be ok my kids will be 10 4 and 7 when new baby is born

I tore badly with my first, my second a little, and since that every delivery has been a breeze in that regard.

I hear the third is usually much easier

My 3rd was a breeze :star2:

You could always ask for a.csection this time and tell them why

I’m wondering the same thing! Due any day now with #3 and freaking out … my doc thinks I’m nuts because I only labored for 11 mins last year with my son but this entire pregnancy has been so different including not going into labor yet that I’m nervous I’m gonna have to schedule a c section !

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My 3rd was the easiest out of my 3…

I’m terrified as well girl, I’ve had 3 natural births and due in 9 weeks with my 4th. It’ll be 4 year’s since I’ve given birth.

I’m on my 5th​:raised_hands::raised_hands:
Every delivery, every pregnancy and every person is different. Go into it with a positive mind and it will all be ok​:heart::heart:


My 3rd was 3 hours 2nd was 12 and 1st was 18hrs

My third (gave birth 2weeks ago) was an eventful one :joy: I ended giving birth in the car on the way to the hospital and we only live 10mins away. Everything went really fast. It was a easy labour and delivery considering I gave birth in a car :slight_smile: I had 2nd degree tear with the first two and this time round I didn’t need stitches . You’ll be fine & goodluck mumma xx

my third (out of five) took the longest. over 21 hrs of labor.

My 3rd was the easiest for me. She was 17 months apart from my 2nd. My 2st was a c section, my 2nd was a vbac. The epidural caused more harm than good and I tore. My 3rd was also a vbac but with the help of a doula, was nowhere near as painful as my other 2 and lasted less than 12 hours from start to finish. I did tear, but I was able to handle it better.

What helped me was I knew what I wanted. I learned all I could about what I wanted, possible issues and had a plan a, b and c in place.

My third was probably the easiest I went thru. My first was pretty much a blurr but I know after I went thru it, I remember thinking how easy it was and not being afraid of doing it again. Then my second was a nightmare. He was late, then once he was ready, he came much too quickly, I pretty much did it all without an epidural. It was painful and hard and felt very long. But my third, I did get induced a week early, but she was surprisingly easy, once the actual birth started, it seemed like no time at all until I had my baby girl in my arms. I had my second when my first turned 6 then had got pregnant with my 3rd when my 2nd was 8 months lol I was scared to honestly, mostly because I was getting to be induced, but really it was the easiest one. Don’t be scared, if you’ve gone through the first 2, you’ll definitely get thru the 3rd no matter the outcome. You’re a mom, been there, done that, you got this girl!

My third was the easiest

There’s always the option to have a c section.

I think it will be ok.

3rd was pretty good actually. My only spontaneous labour. And i declined all internals and monitoring (hand held doppler only) baby was in a bad position but I kept moving and helped her down. 6 minutes from water breaking to birth (about 2 pushes) 18 hours from very first niggle.