I am terrified of having a c-section but have an anterior placenta: Advice?

Hi all, first-time mum here, currently 24 weeks pregnant but already worried/thinking about labor. I have an anterior placenta and read that the majority of the time with this, the baby is breech. Have any first-time mums had this? What was the outcome of your labor? I am so terrified of having a C-Section I want to avoid it at all cost! Are there any tips or tricks to ensure the baby is in the right position for normal birth? Thanks


I’m not a doctor but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

I did with my second son and he was natural only problem I had was him becoming stuck and the doctors having to break his collar bone because his oxygen began to drop

They told me I was going to have an emergency c section b/c my baby was breached. Thankfully, I was able to birth naturally and him breached. Its your body, your baby stand your ground anything can happen you still have a ways to go and he can always flip just pray on it i have a friend who prefers csection over natural too

I had this with my daughter, first child and had a natural birth, she was turned and head down at my last scheduled ultrasound. Only odd thing was she came out face up which bruised slightly but other than that was 15mins of pushing and she was out

I had an anterior placenta and my baby was not breech, but she was sunny side up. My labor was long (26 hours), hard, and painful (white-hot back labor), but I did not need to get a c-section.

I had to have an emergency csection and it was also my first baby. I was supposed to have a normal birth but I was in labor for almost 24 hours but my cervix got swollen and my dialation went from 7 to 5 and my daughter was starting to go into distress. A csection is a last resort but if it happens it’ll all be worth it in the end when you get to see your baby!


I had an anterior placenta with both pregnancies. My first went smooth, she was head down and good to go.
But with my son we realized at 30ish weeks he was breech. They told me they would monitor it and consider turning him with whatever that is called. I was a nervous wreck thinking about having it done or a possible c section.
Luckily for us he flipped himself around 38 weeks. Give it time!

I had an anterior placenta woth my daughter. She was a planned c-section and it was amazing. Baby #2 is due in February. Again, I have an anterior placenta. I am signed up for csection #2.
If you do have to have one they are’t terrible. I honestly wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

My water broke at 40 weeks but still ended up with a csection. My cervix didn’t dilate past a two. So 22 hours later they prepped me for a csection. I chose 3 more c sections, one with each child. Healed easily and bounced back pretty quick.

Had it with one of mine and was not breech, had 3 sections and one natural id pick c section if i had the choice now, please dont worry i was petrified too and all 3 was fine xxc

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I had a anterior placenta but as I became farther along my placenta moved where it was suppose to be.

I had an anterior placenta with my first born and was able to have a natural birth. My doctor and midwife never mentioned there being complications or suggest a csection and by 36 weeks he was already head down and was delivered at 39 weeks. He was born not breathing for a full minute but it was caused by stress and how quickly I pushed him out.

Three daughters and three anterior placentas. All normal births (first was sunny side up and crazy painful) but the other two had no issues whatsoever

My granddaughter had to cesarean . She was too big for her tiny momma. Kenz was afraid at first, but so glad it happened that way.

I currently have an anterior placenta and my baby is already head down at 20 weeks. My sister also had an anterior placenta and delivered naturally.

had 3 c section easier than labor

I have had two its not bad at all. I opted for a second one immediately first appointment. Dont be scared. I tried to go home nex t day but they said no but was only there 2 days.

I had an anterior placenta with both of my kids, my first turned head down on her own, my 2nd spent most of my pregnancy transverse (diagonally with head under right ribs). The morning of my scheduled version he decided to turn himself head down 10min before the procedure started. No c sections needed. The only impact the anterior placenta position had for me was being able to have others feel the kicks in the beginning.

I have an anterior placenta. 33weeks pregnant and baby is head down