I am terrified of having another c-section: Advice?

I am due in November and am having my 2nd c-section. My first was an emergency due to his heart rate dropping during every contraction. I will have a scheduled c-section this time around and I am absolutely terrified. I have a great support system but every time I express my fears everyone just tells me it’ll be fine and not to worry which doesn’t help much. I’m developing such anxiety thinking about it and really would just like to hear others positive experiences with scheduled c-sections. Tia


I had high anxiety with my second c section! It went great it was so much smoother! You’ll do great just think good thoughts

I have had 3 c-sections. Each one got easier because I already knew what to expect :woman_shrugging:

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I just had my 3rd c section a month ago. My first was an emergency. My 2nd was a scheduled c section and I was terrified! That being said, it was so much better than my emergency c section! Everything was so much better about it!

My first was an emergency and the second and third were planned. I’ll be having my 4th soon.

Nothing will really ease your mind until it’s over but in my personal experience, my planned sections were a WAY better experience than the emergency. Both times so far i was in an out of the OR in a out an hour.

I had a scheduled c-section with my daughter in 2018. It went so well. It was a very relaxed atmosphere

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I’m going on my 3rd on in less than a month. It gets easier. You know what to expect the 2nd time around

When I was having my 2nd baby via c section I swore I was going to die. I had a tough pregnancy full of pain I could barely walk and I was so afraid. The scariest part of the procedure for me was the spinal because my husband couldn’t be in the room but you can’t feel the actual C-section procedure. All you are going to feel is tugging which is awkward but not painful. Take a deep breath. All will be fine. Good luck and wishing you a healthy delivery for you and the baby. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had an emergency C section with my first and a scheduled with my second. Scheduled one was far easier. I wasn’t drugged up like the first time and recovery was way better overall. The operating room was calmer. Good luck!

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I’m feeling the same as you. Due in December. First was an emergency c section this one will be scheduled and I’m scared.

Following, going to go through the same.

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I personally haven’t had a csection but my mom had 2. Her 2nd (me) was harder because it was an emergency csection where my sister wasn’t an emergency. I would talk to your doctor about your fears and anxiety they can help you feel more calm about it.

My 2nd c section went so much better than my first. I was up and walking around within a few hours. Very minimal pain but I do have a high pain tolerance.

My first was a scheduled C section. Worst part was the needle for the spinal honestly! Having it planned is going to be easier for you this time as you won’t be exhausted from working to have the baby first. My recovery was really not bad at all and I never took any of the prescription pain meds. Was nauseous after the c section but that passed in a few hours. This time I have a plan on how to keep the nausea at bay with baby #2.

If it helps, the second time was a lot easier for me. Healing wise was shorter also because that tissue was already dead.

Loved my scheduled C SECTION.

Mine went smooth. I had went into early labor so I was exhausted after anyway lol. Baby was healthy & so was I.

Is there anyone who does VBACs nears you?

I thought I would have a c-section because I had that with my first, but dilated with my second and ended up with a VBAC.


I’ve had 4 and honestly I think they are easier than the first time.