I am terrified of not making it through birth: Advice?

So this is kind of a trigger question, but what is the rate of hemorrhage if I have done so in my other pregnancies? I’m almost at my due date and terrified that I won’t make it because I almost didn’t make it the third birth. Anxiety is so high my husband says it will be fine, but I’m very scared what’s to come. Have any of you had the same experience were you scared?


Only thing u can do is discuss it with your doctor. I had that fear and I’m a first time mom. I had a csection and I didn’t lose as much blood as they anticipated

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My placenta erupted with my second child she had to be born via emergency C-section.
I had 2 kids after her… Completely natural, with no issues.
Your hubby is prob right. Just try to relax mama.

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I lost too much blood during me last cesarean so it does make me nervous too. All u can do is talk about your fear w you OB. If you know what caused your hemorrhage (like mine for example was anemia) then you can do things in advance to try and counteract it happening again. This time my OB put me on extra iron in addition to my prenatal and keeps a closer eye on my iron levels as we get closer to the birth.
Taking that extra step makes me a lot less anxious.

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Praying for a safe delivery!

I dont know how common they are after having one but i had one with my son whose my second and my third child whose my last now i almost died and had three emergencies surgeries last one being a emergency hysterectomy because my uterus was falling out basically and wouldn’t stoo bleeding we lost count how many bags of blood and how many times i turned blue and passed out. It was going on my whole pregnancy and they missed it and i was slowly dying pretty much. I think it depends on the situation and your health and pregnancy because i know someone else that hemorrhaged but has had a couple more and hasnt since though. Definitely talk to your ob though because even though i was prepared for it i almost didnt make it and was literally a couple minutes from my life being loss! Like i said i am not trying to worry you because i dont know 100% but for sure talk with your doctor! No such thing as too prepared or too cautious when it comes to that stuff!

I had postpartum hemorage after my first was scared it would happen after my second and thankfully it didn’t but docs had blood on stand by while I was in the hospital in case it happened

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Best to discuss it with your doctor. Every person is different. I had a bad hemorrhagic event after my son came out, but my midwife handled it amazingly well and I ended up being fine. She said that it doesn’t mean I’ll hemorrhage in future births. But like I said, everyone is different.

Had it with my first, ended up with surgery and then i was fine. My second, nothing. My third was a miscarriage and ended up in hospital from blood loss hemorrhaging but was fine in the end. Due any day now Wirth my 4th pregnancy and it hasn’t really crossed my mind at all. I think my husband has been more nervous about it than me. My reasoning is that every time something happens, the doctors are there. I feel completely taken care of. I went into preterm labor few weeks ago (thankfully it stopped and I got to go home on bed rest) but I felt 100% taken care of the whole time. The doctors were very tentative and informative and everyone made sure I was alright. I don’t know about recurrence rates but I am still comfortable with birth because this is 2020 and the rate of death in delivery is so ridiculously low, that it’s a non issue for me. I don’t know if any of this info helps you but I have a severe anxiety disorder and this is how I’ve reasoned with myself about it.

I hemorrhage during my 1st it was a c-section and my 1st surgery. My second wasn’t as bad as the 1st and I was too scared to try a 3rd time. Just talk to your Dr about it.

Usually if u have a history of postpartum hemorrhage ur doctor and nurses (as long as they are aware) will be ready for it and have the medications needed to stop your bleeding or even have units of blood on hold if needed. But every delivery is different. I had an estimated blood loss of 800 ml with my first, which was more than was expected and with my second my blood loss was 50 ml. Just make sure u discuss it with ur Dr and tell ur nurses of ur history.

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Would it be safer to have a c section?

I hemorrhaged 28 years ago and almost didn’t make it. Things have come so far since then. I would talk to my doctor about my concerns. I truly believe everything will be fine.

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I have 7 kids and I had a post hemorrhaged with 2 of mine numbers 2 and 5. I always made my doctors aware of it and I had different doctors with all 7 of mine. I was and am absolutely fine. No one knows really what causes it but it is a very scary situation. I worried with all mine after it happened the first time but please listen to me and know that worrying your self sick is not helping you one little bit. What’s going to happen is going to happen and you can’t stop it. Stop worrying and enjoy what’s left of your pregnancy. I know its easier said than done but really ask your self what can you do to control anything you are worrying about? The answer is absolutely nothing. You are going to be fine. Good luck to you and congrats

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I did after my third and I won’t be having anymore but just watch for the warning signs and immediately get back to the hospital or call an ambulance if you even slightly think it’s happening. Mine started exactly a week after birth , my lower body started swelling badly days before , the doctor said oh perfectly normal to all my symptoms when I called😑, it hurt way more than normal to push on my cervix, I felt all around really unwell. Nobody listened. I almost died because I lived five minutes from the hospital so I just drove myself in. I was left In the waiting room pouring blood until my freaking heart stopped. I should have taken it more seriously but I didn’t know what was happening. The nurse coming on duty saved my life told me in the future call an ambulance because driving myself in wasn’t taken seriously. My heart rate was like 255 at triage and they still sent me back to the waiting room.

Make sure your doctor knows. Also make sure they are monitoring for whatever caused it. I hemorrhaged with my first and third, the third was a different doctor and they refused to listen. They did tell me the chance of doing it twice was one in a million.

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This needs to be discussed with your midwife/ob. Everyone’s experience is different. Some have isolated events, but some have repeat issues that get progressively worse. Your medical professional is going to have the best knowledge to ease your anxiety. They also need to get prepared Incase an event happens so they can treat you properly.

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It sounds like something you would need to discuss with your OBGYN. Ask questions, tell them your concerns and what safety measures they will be taking to help prevent what happened last time. Good luck!

Definently have a conversation with your OBGYN. At 30 weeks I switched my OBGYN because the one I had was not the best fit for me. I had an emergency c-section with my first and when I was going to have my second baby it was also another c-section. I was so overwhelmed and scared. However, with my new OBGYN he sat with me for an hour and listen to all of my concerns. He walked me through the procedure and really put at ease all of my concerns. The day of the c-section he came in explained the procedure again and the procedure went way better than my first experienced.