I am thinking about homeschooling my 4-year-old: Advice?

With all that is going on, I have been seriously thinking about homeschooling my 4-year-old. I would like to know from mothers that homeschool at that age. What was it like? What advice would you give? I plan on sending her to kindergarten the following year, but with the whole COVID virus, I’m very nervous. I have had family members die from this virus and am very concerned. I also work in a hospital, and I know this is not going away anytime soon. Do you pick up packets or go online? What was your experience like?


I got tossed into homeschooling my kindergartener. I hated it and am ready for school to start back. He learned better in school. There were to many distractions at home and things we would have to pause and do. Things that couldn’t be helped. Tending to animals and things like that and he would sit all day dragging his lesson out mad because he couldn’t just go play in his room. Not to mention I am a nurse so I work 12 hours shifts. The days I worked it was impossible to get anything done at home


That’s not really homeschooling. . That’s like home preschool… so playing alot but throw in learning… read books work on learning through songs. Go out and do as much educational field trips as you can… youtube science and art activities. You also can learn to write diffrent creative ways… this is how littles learn


I homeschool my kindergartener. I’m just finishing up his portfolio to send in to be evaluated.
I love it. We do have work books that we use most days but other days we’ll just take a walk and talk about nature or we’ll bake cookies or just play with legos and use them for math problems. Homeschooling kindergarteners is fun, you don’t really need to be strict, anything can be a learning experience. As long as your patient it’s a good experience. There have been days where we’re both just over it so we take a break and try again later.


My personal opinion is parents are not meant to teach their kids full time. The kids and the parents need a break from each other. At this age they just need to work on writing their name and letter recognition.


Don’t… Just don’t… Put him in head start or pre k. He needs socialization and needs to learn there is authority he needs to learn to listen to besides mom and dad. I home schooled one year my kids hated it. We did online public school through k-12 program. I was their coach… They had online teachers… My kids missed their friends. They missed riding the bus. They absolutely hated it. I’ve heard from many kids who went from homeschooling to regular school and 8 out of 10 hated home schooler. Your kid DOES not need to be with you 24\7…

Parents and kids need a break from each other

Yes we are our child’s first teacher… But they need school.

You can still teach tgem things before school starts.


My sons kindergarten year got cut short and we had to homeschool since march. SO MANY DISTRACTIONS. He learned better in school, however hes already past his grade level on every subject that might be why he was bored and distracted at home. I will.be sending him come fall


I absolutely loved homeschooling. I purchased a lot of teaching resources from EBay and joined the local library reading programs. We also joined a local homeschool co-op for activities.

Preschool Prep Company and the accompanying workbooks, flashcards and coloring books has worked great for us. Since the shutdown began my son heads mastered his letter sounds, counts to 10 (we’re working on getting to 20), beginning to sound out words and has learned several sight words.

I did a home preschool course and went too kindergarten in public school! That was 95 but i honestly didn’t even realize it was different at that age! I still made friends easily and did great in school! We got packets every week and i think we even had some field trips with other homeschool kids.

I’ve decided to homeschool both of my children part time in elementary school once they reach that age but not bcuz of covid but bcuz of how dangerous schools have gotten over the past 20 years. I want them to still have the social experience but they’re safty cones first until they are old enough to understand self defense and such.
Idk if I’m going to take the online route such as k-12 or go old school with it just yet but you do what you believe is best for your kiddos! And btw, I knew how to write in cursive by age 4. Development is different for every child. So for those a say 4yrs old is just play age . Stfu. Every child is different :clap:t2: some choose to enjoy learning over playing with toys.:woman_shrugging:t3:

I’ve been having similar feelings, a part of me doesn’t want to send my kid to JK yet either! He needs these learning opportunities and friends… I posted a question like this and another group, nobody I posted a question like this and another group, only one person answered saying that kindergarten teachers are fantastic and they will make everything special for the student anyway despite what’s going on (covid)… which does make me feel better, but not really? Then again i would wait and see what closer to Sept brings.

Not all kids go to Pre-K. Most kids don’t typically start kindergarten school until 5 anyway.

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Homeschooling is fine…but I question how do parents make sure that the kids are also able to meet and interact with other kids their age…sure some parents do this very well…just have not seen it…

I have considered home schooling next year. I have 3 kids… Our district wants lesson plans and to have a solid connection with us, so they can see exactly what the kids would be working on at any given time. I worry about socialization. So I am looking at soccer clubs and dancing schools and other activities that would offer the social piece… Most likely our kids will go back to school. But it’s always nice to know our options. We have been looking at online schools too.

The packets (or online assignments) are just going home now so the kids can work at home. If you seriously want to homeschool, you are responsible for the planning of all work. There are a lot of on-line resources and groups, but you will get nothing from a public school unless the child is enrolled in that school and your district is offering the option of “working from home” next school year.

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Because of covid you may have to. Here in Washington state, were not even positive if were going back to in person schooling this coming fall. Everything is up in the air. Schools here have been closed since march 16th. So I’m just gonna do the whole online schooling this coming school year. At least its stable and guaranteed. There are online ones for kindergarteners too. As for preschool, teach them the basics and also look into ABCmouse.com worked fabulous for my 3 year old.