I am thinking of putting my infant into a single bed: Thoughts?

I have a three-month-old baby girl. I’m thinking of putting her into a single bed. She has a cot, but during the day she sleeps on my bed and. I find that she is comfier and settled in mine. The last couple of nights, my partner has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor and giving the bed to us. So I was thinking of putting her onto a single bed right next to us. Am I thinking way too ahead of myself or?? has anyone been in the same situation?? Advice, please …


Single bed? Does she not have a crib?

I sleep on the couch with my daughter cause daddy works outside all day in the heat and she isn’t ready for her own crib. I don’t like to interrupt the few hours of sleep he does get and we have a Cali King. She takes the whole bed up lol

Ugh, she should be in a crib not a single bed. She should be sleeping by herself.


Put her in a crib or pack n play an adult mattress isnt a safe sleep spot for a 3 month old


Please dont do that with your baby. Shes to little.


In a crib in case she learns to roll or sit up in the middle of the night at least you would know she is safe in a crib


3 months old is so tiny. I wouldn’t even put my 10 month old anywhere but in a crib. If you can afford a single bed, you can afford a cheap crib.


Crib mattresses are safer for babies than regular mattresses. I understand being more comfortable, but if you want her to sleep on her own, she should be in a crib on a proper mattress for infants.


I feel that 3 months is still too young. Single beds have real mattresses, and a real mattress is too soft for that age. An infant should really be on a firm sleep surface until their bone structure is strong enough to support walking.


Put her in a baby crib it’s safer


Crib or pack n play …


OMG…way too young!!


I would say a crib or at least a pack and play until she is older. My LO is 1 1/2 and she sleeps in a crib no way would I put her on a single bed. Plus my child sleeps like a tornado and would fall off the single bed

I’d get a play pen. She could roll off.

Definitely crib or atleast pack n play. Much safer, the risk of sids or suffocating is so scary…


Try a cosleeper they attach to the bed. We bought the wood version from a yardsale and santitized it. My son is 15 months and still fits in his of course he sits up n walks so hes always supervised now but it was a lifesavee hes always had his own crib n now its coverted to a toddler too. If you decide to do a bed make sure you get the toddler mesh bed rails to keep her safe from falling off


Crib crib crib… please practice safe sleeping!


How about just put a crib or bassinet next to your bed or in your room


3 months is much too young. Obviously baby crib is safer because soon the mobility will start. Also, if the child sleeps on her back, there are crib sized mattresses that have a “crib side” (firmer) and a “toddler side” (softer). I used to put my girl on the toddler side when I was certain she wouldn’t roll and smother herself.