I am tired and my husband helps with nothing: Help?

I am a mommy of two. Lately, I have been feeling tremendously tired and sad. My husband, the father of my two kids, barely help me with anything, including taking care of our kids. He’s always leaving us to go out with his friends every day for hours. I always tell him to stop leaving his kids and start taking care of them, and he would tell me, “okay, tomorrow I will stay home, I promise.” When he’s home, I realize I was better off being alone with my kids because he’s always sitting and laying around, and doesn’t do anything but be on the phone or the game, and tells me to do more things. He expects me to make him food, do his laundry, and everything else but doesn’t want to help with anything at all. We live with his parents. This story might sound stupid, but I am very tired, and I am starting to hate my life now. Every day, the first thing I would think of is waiting for the day to be over with. I am so confused and don’t know what to do. I feel like he doesn’t care about us and is taking advantage.


This sounds like my first marriage. I decided if i was going to be alone in my marriage, i might as well not be married!! It was like having another child, it was a relief to leave!


Get used to to do the majority of it yourself… I’ve yet to meet a man who helps very much around house or with kiddos!


Start leaving the house twice a week for a few hours first. I mean no one is making you stay. You women give these man boys too much power!

Once he complains then have a discussion. If he can’t see your side inform him which two days you’ll continue to leave per week. He has to take care of his children then.


Give him a ultimatum sit down tell him you either help me with the kids or get out… he made those kids so he has the same


Doesn’t he have a job? You both live with someone else, he has time to be out playing for hours with friends. So who’s supporting you and the kids? Sounds like you have a man child. Let his momma take care of him , move out-and get a job and take care of yourself and the kids. Tell him when he grows up, you’ll talk.


I think this is actually very common, as frustrating as it is. A lot of couples seem perfect or dads seem so involved, but I personally don’t know any couples where the husband does much besides work


I totally agree with Angela C Williams either he helps or he’s out

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It sounds like there’s a couple issues here: #1 being you are struggling with depression- go to a therapist and try and start some medication to help.
#2 is that your husband sounds like an immature douche bag. You should probably leave cuz it sounds like he’s making a lot of empty promises and it’s draining you.


Tell him to get a damn job then… he has no excuses. If he can’t put in some effort then he’s not worth it… father of children or not that’s bs.

Does he work… sounds like he has a lot of spare time.

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Doesnt he have a job?

Why do women stay with men like this… leave… youre already a single mom if youre doing it all. You definetly dont need an adult male child to complicate things.


When hes home just tell him you’re going out :woman_shrugging: what could he say? No? Lol you deserve time for yourself


This was my first marriage. At the time when he left me I thought it was the end of the world. I know now that it was a blessing in disguise.


Wow, you need to put your foot down. He is acting like a teenager and not a partner.

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Damn don’t the bum work? You’re experiencing the symptoms of depression girl. It’s only going to get worse if things continue the way they are, trust me I know. I can’t honestly see ANYTHING positive he is doing for you or your children. It’s time to kick his ass to the curb baby.

Soooo you can live the rest of your life being miserable. Or find someone who treats you as a partner and equal. :woman_shrugging:


My husband is like this to we also live with his parents. I talked with him and told him how I felt.
And now that we’re looking for a place to live it’s gotten better.
It’s hard living with parents and trying to raise kids and also trying to have a marriage.
Be straight up and honest and don’t care who hears any more.
It may be better for his parents to hear your conversation any way so maybe they will talk with him to

Had a marriage like this. He just didn’t want me or the kid. He left me by myself in the hospital for days after birth and sent his sister came to get us. He never helped out always useless and verbally mean. Walk away. You deserve better. It’s not like he’s helping you in any way or the kids

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