I am tired of being alone at my doctor appointments: Advice?

I am a single mom of 3 girls (18, 16, and 9) I was told a couple of years ago I couldn’t have any more kids. Also, they rarely have a period. So I accepted this and looked forward to my kids moving out and enjoying life. Well, I am now 18 weeks pregnant with yet another girl. I can’t say I was ecstatic about this pregnancy, but I am getting there and have come to terms that I am starting over again (no father involved) my kids are overjoyed. Here is my problem. Every doctor appointment, sono, or anything I am alone…my kids (who want to be there cant) I am tired of being alone? Anyone else pregnant and tired of a loved one not being there. I am worried about the delivery. I want my kids there I know I can do it alone, but it really is getting to me.


What about a midwife? Your mother or another family member/friend?

Why cant your 18 yr old as a support person… I thought most were allowing 1 support person… is this not your case

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1 person can be in the room at a time here in Ohio

Unfortunately thats the way things are right now :cry:

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I am not allowed even my husband at my appts

Iv been alone all of my appointments this pregnancy because they aint letting nobody but the patient in

Your 18 year old should be able to go with you. If the doctors are saying she can’t then tell them you need her there for support, to drive you, and to help.

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It’s so upsetting since this is my first and probably my last child I understand slightly different circumstances but it is a hard thing to get over. My husband was at one appt before this shut down and now I am alone at every appt. I am due in a few weeks it doesn’t get any easier.

A lot of places are making it where only you can go to appointments. No extra bodies.

at my Dr children can go in but not right now With the virus going around not even my husband is allowed in my appointments it sucks but oh well it’s something we must do

28 weeks here and on my 4th boy.
My husband wasnt able to come with me at all to these and he was so sad about it.

I booked an appt with baby inside me 3d 4d ultrasound here in florida and they allowed him to come in and watch the ultrasound for the full 3omins so he could finally see.

It does get hard being alone at my actual appointments but that little bit made his day so i was happy

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I’m 35 weeks now and have felt the same exact way about having to go alone. The ultrasounds are the worst because you just want to share your joy with a lived one. Luckily I get one last ultrasound and they have made the restrictions slightly less so I’m able to bring my mom strictly only for the ultrasound then she has to go back to the car but I’ll take it.

My kids are older. I went lots of my prenatal appointments by myself. I never thought it was a big deal. If you have a high risk pregnancy or you think somethings wrong that might be different if you’re just having a normal pregnancy to take like what 10 minutes

In MI only patients are allowed in building. My partner couldn’t attend my gender revealing ultrasound!! We had to do live video chat and it was not the same. He will be allowed in delivery room, so thank goodness(1 person only). Try video chatting with your girls, drs should he fine with it.

I’m currently pregnant and I go alone to my appointments. My husband cant be there for the appointments because of work (he works out of town) and I always tell him how they go. He also may not be able to be there when the baby is born because of the COVID rules and working out of town. I hate that he gets to miss out but I know that he’s working and we’ve discussed what I’m suppose to do if he isn’t there.

You can do it. And I understand completely, it is sad but you are strong and can do it. Even if corona didn’t prevent visitors you can still do it my mom in heaven and god always with me so I’m never truly alone. I’ve been to appointments and delivered twice alone.

It’s horrible right now! Not pregnancy related but I recently had surgery and my husband had to put me out on the damn corner and then come through some windows and down a line to pick me up like I was a damn Big Mac combo meal :roll_eyes:

I feel this post I’m 20 weeks along with my fourth and tired of not having my babies father in the ultrasounds even had to go through surgery alone

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