I am torn on sending my son back to daycare: Advice?

I’m on mat leave right now and supposed to go back to work at the end of August, but I’m having second thoughts. My son will be eight months. The plan was for him to go into daycare when I go back to work, but with COVID happening, I think I probably shouldn’t let him go. There are so many cases right now where I’m living, and I just want us to be safe. I’m torn and not sure what to do. Thoughts??? Please no rude comments.


If you can afford to stay home, do it!


Whatever you decide just don’t let others bully you or make you feel bad. As the mother you have to make the harder decisions and you will always be making the wrong one in someone’s eyes. Your child and their wellbeing always come first and however you decide to go it does not mean you don’t love them.

I personally would stay home if I could afford it but not everyone has that luxury.

I wish you the best and just know you’re a great mother no matter what you decide is best for you and your little family! :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


I’m in a similar situation. My 2 youngest kid’s sitter quit for good. My only choice now is to send them to school or daycare. I don’t want to but am back at work. I have my cousin temporarily sitting them. I don’t know what to do either.

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Stay home and figure it out! I know easier said than done…but better safe than sorry! Where there is a will there is always a way!

Figure out your finances to see if you can stay home, or look into having a friend or family member babysit, less people would mean less exposure.


If you think you can afford it stay at home a little longer until you feel safer putting your baby in childcare x

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I work in an early learning center, even with restrictions, guidelines and extra cleaning it’s difficult. If you can avoid sending your child to daycare I would recommend it. But if that’s your ONLY option don’t let people make you feel bad.


If you feel you shouldn’t and can stay home do it. There is no right or wrong way to deal with this covid crap

Honestly I look at it as safety first. I’d rather lose out on going back to work then my young child getting sick possibly. I feel for you and just make an informed decision especially if you send him to daycare, make sure the center is taking every possible precaution

I couldn’t send my kids to daycare even though I want to work and have money but my husband is working both jobs and agree I stay home with kids. I would have family members to babysit my kids because less exposed and less sickness. Due to covid19 the advice of you have a spouse with full time job, if he or she can get second job so one of you can stay home with kids so that way you or ur spouse knowing the kids will not be exposed and having one of you worry and stressed out. If can’t get second job, budget the money pay the rent, electric, water, and insurance for car and health is the most main thing to do. Try to buy food and do homemade food and have leftover food for ur next day dinner or lunch. If can find good deal for cellphone and internet that you can afford. That what we did for long time and still doing it. Just wise and keep everyone healthy.

I think you have t d what s best for your family but I also am not sending my children and doing homeschool working my work schedule and husbands schedule around them because I don’t think child shouldn’t have to wear a mask all day or worry

My four year old and now three month old are in daycare. They have been amazing and have taken so many precautions. Being home my four-year-old really struggled and her being back in early preschool / daycare has done wonders for her. Our city is at a level 3 and we are required to wear masks in public places. I want to write a level 4 they will shut down things again. So it’s pretty bad Where We Are but this virus isnt going anywhere. Even with a vaccine, who knows how effective it will be or what the long terms effects will be. I refuse to live in constant fear…we take all the precautions we can and that’s the best we can do. The other alternative is to never leave the house.


I’m in the same boat … If I’m going to homeschool there is no way I can continue to work. I’m only back part time as it is and I’m constantly thinking about catching it the entire time I’m there.

Theyre only babies for so long, I reckon if you can take the time off until you’re completely comfortable putting your baby back in daycare :heart: there will always be opportunities to go back into work so in my opinion you definitely won’t regret not going back at this stage xx

If you’re able to stay home, I would do that

I if you’re able to stay home with your babies that’s the best way at this time. This virus is a monster and they’re now saying that it has long-term effects on people even children who show no signs of it better safe than sorry.

This is a hard one! If you have alternative methods I would use that. Not sure where you live but I’m in OH and we are inches away of shutting down again. I think do what you need to do to take care of your little one. It’s a hard decision and hugs to you!


Praying for you. This is a tough decision, and I dont know the right answer.

I agree, if you have an alternative method I would go that route. Why take the chance.

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