I am trying to leave my boyfriend but when I tell him to go, he tells me to give him 30 days: Thoughts?

I’ve been in a relationship for going on 6 years, and we have two kids, and I’m honestly done with our relationship. It’s def not the same anymore but EVERYTIME I ask him to leave he says “give me 30 days” like do I legally have to give him 30 days I want him out now! I’m in AZ and not sure if I HAVE to give this guys 30 days.


Im sure you have to legally evict him


Yes you do if he’s refusing to go! But make the 30 days hell since he wanna be petty.


Yeah as he’s been there over 30 days you actually need to start the legal eviction. You need to file it and get it sent to him and everything. Unfortunately you will need to do it correctly and it can’t be word of mouth or a text.
But while your sorting paper work I’d go get your self a court order for custody so you have them live with you but he can have visitation. If he turns nasty he could take your kids and you will struggle to get them back


Written notice of 30 days. Yes you do

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Contact your local sheriff office. They can give you your options and any paper work needed to legally evict him.

You have to legally evict him. You can file it online, takes about 30 minutes
And costs around 80.00.

Move and leave him behind. Anything else is head games

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He’s not a tenant you don’t give someone you are breaking up with 30 days that is so stupid


Depends if hes on your lease with u

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Call the police and see what they say

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If he gets mail at that home and is on the lease you have to give him 30 days


If things aren’t bad

I would give him the 30 days to gtfo honestly but be very open with him that he still lives under your roof which means he still has to help with chores and food. With the pandemic that happened and all the unemployment the housing market is really bad right now. it would give him ample time to try to find a place to live. If he doesn’t find a place within 30 days that is on him

If things are bad


I’ve done property management in az. If he is on the lease or has a legal agreement in writing, then yes you need to give him 30 days. The 30 day notice needs to be in writing.

If he is not on the lease, and there is no legal agreement, he is considered your guest, whom you can ask to leave at any time.

All you have to do is write up a conviction notice with a date for him to leave. Get it notorized and give it to him. And make a copy for yourself!!!

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File eviction court papers. That’ll start the 30 day clock

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Sadly you do. You’ll have to file with the courts its called an unlawful detainer action. Doesn’t matter if he’s on the lease or not.

You can go online and switch his address to elsewhere. Get him off the Bill’s and put everything in your name. Also you can change the locks and remove all of his stuff, probably do that slowly and without him noticing and then do big things but leave them somewhere else - like his mothers house.

Legally cause he lives there u hsve to evict him and give him 30 days

Check with the Arizona laws. They may be different than Maines.