I am unsure on if my husband cheated or not: Thoughts?

I got married to a beautiful, caring, and amazing father figure to my daughter from a previous relationship. Everything is literally perfect, except he tested positive for Genital herpes yesterday. I’m literally devastated. I am not positive for any std, and he swears he didn’t cheat. I caught him cheating online right before Christmas. Never suspected he did it in person. I am not sure what to do. He swears it’s from his ex from 2018. Idk what to believe or do. I don’t really want to leave because besides this everything has been amazing. Advice?


If he cheated before and you don’t have any stds, then you pretty much just answered your own question…


Have is very common type 1 u can contract as a child! U could have it and never know because not everyone has an outbreak! Hard to test 100 percent unless u have outbreak to swab!

Why did he not tell you about that before???

Call that ex ask her if she has it. Would be a good heads up.


From what I understand someone can have the virus for years and not have any symptoms then all of a sudden they cause a break out. Research it.


“Caught him cheating online”, “tested positive for herpes” :joy: girl… what else you need to leave this douchbag??


Girl, idk what to say. Have you been tested since his diagnosis? If so, and hopefully negative, then it would have to be him. I’m sorry to say that. Plus, it is transmittable without an outbreak present. You have to take care of you…

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I’m not sure on what advice to give maybe both get retested

That’s one of those STDs that can be dormant and not show signs for awhile, but if you caught him cheating online then I think you answered your own question.


If he got it from his “ex” in 2018 then are you saying you haven’t had sex with him at all? Because that is an STD. If you had sex with him then you would have it. Throw the whole dude away. He has been cheating. Im sorry ma!


Just because he has it and you don’t doesn’t mean he cheated he just hasn’t had a break out and had sex with you that’s all. He could have had it FOR YEARS he could have even been born with it and never broken out till not
If you have no faith or trust in him leave the poor fucker he’s already going through something that’s pretty traumatic and has no one to support him instead the mistrust your using against him. No point being in a relo with no trust BABEY

Not sure but if you caught him cheating online before Christmas then why would you assume he wouldnt cheat in person? Wouldnt trust the guy im sorry but hes proven he has it in him.


He definitely cheated. Save yourself get out. I’m so sorry you’re going through this😞


So wait… He’s positive for it and you are not? You’re married and he says its from 2018… Im not an expert on STD’s but I’m thinking you’d have it by now unless you guys don’t have sex…


He cheated online, what would stop him from cheating physically? If he has genital herpes then that’s pretty much your confirmation.


Was he tested before you got with him? He could have been positive for years without even knowing it.


Have him get checked again. From what I’ve read herpes is misdiagnosed 20% of the time.

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May as well have the herps together :smirk:


Medically speaking, a person can have that for YEARS and not have symptoms or give it to anyone since there is no outbreak. So he may be telling the truth.