I am upset that my husband lied to me: Advice?

Would you mamas be mad? On Friday, my son had a procedure. Mine SO went to work since I’m not working right now. My mom kept our daughter while I was up at the hospital with our son. Mine SO texted me at 200 telling me he was leaving the shop. Well, around 4, my mom called me and told me that my SO wasn’t there yet. So I called him. First, he told me that he went to get gas and then started talking to a friend and lost track of time. So that made me a little irritated cause you lost track of time for two freaking hours and didn’t have the decency to let someone know you were gonna be late, considering the babysitter was waiting on you. So then, later that night, I checked his bank account and saw that there was a $25 charge to a Mexican restaurant. I asked him if he had that AND chipotle cause there was a Chipotle charge too. And he said, yes. So I dropped it cause I believed him. Then, Yesterday, he was super quiet and wanted to stay in bed cause he said he was having a bad anxiety day. I said, okay, go rest. Well, then I was getting ready to go to Walmart to get a few things, and he asked if he could go. I said sure. Well, just walking around grocery shopping, he said, “I and some guys from work went to Mexican. That’s why there was a charge on my card,” I said, “so you lied to me?” He said, "I didn’t want you to get too mad that I went to Mexican without you.? " so instead…you lie to me about something, so God damn small??? Then, I was mad, and I wasn’t talking to him much, and he said, "well, I didn’t want to go get our daughter, and if I asked, you would have made go get her. At the least, you could have asked my mom if it was okay to go get some lunch. But one, you lied to me about what you were doing once again, and two, he did what he wanted, AGAIN while I was out being a God damn parent. This isn’t the first time he’s lied to me about where he has been when he’s supposedly been off work. I’m also nine months pregnant, hormones souring thinking he’s cheating, then he goes and lies to me about where he was??? I’ve been wondering if I hadn’t checked our bank and saw the charge, would he have even said anything. I haven’t brought it up again, but I am PISSED! How do I bring it up to him that I’m upset?


ummm he didn’t go to the Mexican restaurant with friends…


He wasn’t out with friends dear…


Oh no girl. He has anxiety cause there is something to hide. Do you believe he actually went out with the boys? I’d question it


Use your words like a big girl and tell him. Why do you need approval from random ass people on fb?

Something smells fishy as fuck…

Hes hiding something


Toke him that long to come up with a good lie


$25 for a grown man and his friends… That seems kinda low


I mean $25 at lunch time is a lot for one person but about right for 2 people.


I hate to be that person, but he wasn’t at a Mexican with his friends…


I don’t believe he went out with the guys but that’s just me.


Your childish and really nice language


I’m with everyone else, sounds like he had to come up with a lie… I would be doing some FBI shit now.

I’d be mad he lied.
Go out, have fun, see some friends by all means, but don’t you ever lie to me.
Makes you wonder if they’re hiding something, and if something happens you have no idea where they are.

But yeah, seems too sketchy. Seeing as all comments say the same, its time to crack down on him.


You need trust in a relationship.
He can’t trust your reaction to things, and you can’t trust what he does after work :woman_shrugging:t2:


Deep breaths, he’s not perfect, no one is. He’s probably got some stuff stessing him too. No matter what, he had the courage and honesty to bring it up the next day. Late is better than never.


He was cheating. Dont believe a word he says. Plan your exit strategy in silence. Leave now because it will get worse.


I would definitely do some digging. Hes pretty stupid to charge it to his card. Not very good at hiding so do a little digging id say he’s hiding a girl not guys friends


Wow you ladies are ridiculous. Just because he went to have lunch doesnt mean he was cheating. It also says he said yes to having Mexican when she asked. He should have picked up kid or at least called your mom. But dont assume hes cheating because he told a small white lie. I told my husband I didnt go to hobby lobby but I did. Paid with cash so he wouldnt see the charge. Lol I wasnt cheating. He would kill me if he knew I spent more money in hobby lobby. I didnt want to listen to him bitch about it. Yall have done it to.