I am upset that my husband lied to me: Advice?

This is also why I have my own bank account :joy: I will never share again

Bring it up. Ask which boys was he with and ask for their numbers to verify because this is beyond a lunch with the boys. Ask the boys what he ate. Mexican lunch is not $25


Look through his phone lol. People say that’s petty and an invasion of privacy but, you’re married not just dating. So :woman_shrugging:t3:

If he’s stupid enough to charge it to the card he’s dumb enough to have shit in his phone/social media apps.

Check that account you’ll find your answer

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Id give it the benifit of doubt as to whether he is cheating or not.if he is, there will be more signs. He does sound immature though and a lot of young guys do tend to think of theirself first before the kids.unlike mommas who do not get that option. Id tell him how you feel about being more responsibile and tell him you d like a girls lunch at chipotles, childfree.see how he acts. Good luck to you. I hope he is not cheating.


Bring it up! If he can lie about something little like Mexican food he can lie about other things. If you let it go it will eat at you, trust me. Tell him how you feel and don’t coat it with a sugar topping!

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Turn his location on


Depends on how you usually react to things if you usually go batcrap crazy over little things then I get why he lied …if your chill but he still lied I would question it :woman_shrugging:


Dont get mad at him for eating without you? I wouldn’t have told you either if i had to worry about you getting mad i ate some food without you

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Maybe im looking at the wrong part of why I’d be mad but I’d be pissed off at the i didnt want to go get our daughter. Since when as a parent do you just get to decide o i dont feel like taking care of my kid right now?


Girlllll👀 he cheating


I don’t know what to say. I can totally see this from both perspectives. He absolutely shouldn’t lie to you, but I’ll be the first to say I’ve “white lied” about things that were so stupid small when I knew the truth would cause a HUGE argument (I bet a lot of you have too so sue me) I think you both just need to have a long sit down talk, perhaps over Chinese not Mexican (sorry, dry humor there) and see if you’re still on the same wavelength.


Ok, first mexican lunch could be 25, let consider food probably 10, chips and dip, another 5 and if he had 1 alcoholic drink another 5, then 5 for tip. So I wouldnt jump to the cheating conclusion. You both need to work on communication and trust. He shouldn’t be that afraid of your reaction and you shouldn’t be lied to. So, you guys need to set down and talk about what’s wrong with your relationship from both perspectives cause your both in the wrong.


Wow I’d be upset for him lying over something small like that! Honesty is super important to keep a relationship happy. Don’t listen to these people about “oh u need to chill” because he shouldn’t be lying and that makes someone trip out when you can’t even be honest about simple things. especially when you say he’s doing that over being a parent


Definitely lying about more than just that. You need to check the cell phone bill and see what number he texts too much then call it and find out who it is.


Life 360 on the phones lol


When does he get to decide that he just doesn’t want to take care of his child and skip out? no.

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I have a stright up policy.
Do Not Lie To Me Ever .
Unless its abt a gift or suprise and then only for as long as necessary.
So I just put it up front you lie you leave . It’s up to the person to value their role in my life from there .


He definitely didn’t go out with the kids. He’s def feeling guilty and then worked up a lie in his head then felt comfortable enough to be around you cause he figured out what to say when the questions came at him. I’m sorry but he def just lied to you again…

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I think it’s horrible that so many people jump to he is cheating. My husband has some issues when big things are happening. He ends up being very to himself, very distant, and I too at 9 months pregnant with a 2 year old went through some stuff with lying. But take a moment to sit down. Don’t nag. Be respectful and bring up your feelings. I’d start with “can we get some things out on the table before we have this baby” and go into it nicely. “ it really bothered me that you would…” and I’d let him know you felt like he was lying because your hormonal and now curious who he went with. But don’t accuse! Ask if he could provide you with possibly a text from his friend before said lunch or proof who he went with. But don’t lose trust and don’t listen to half these girls. If he is cheating you’ll see more lies and you’ll see more charges if he is that stupid and you won’t need to come to a fb group because believe me YOU WILL KNOW! But my gut is giving me the same vibes I get with my husband. Just talk.