I am upset that my husband lied to me: Advice?

You gotta turn it on him when he gets home and say I think there is something you need to own up to and I am gonna tell you before you say a word I already know so you moght as well go ahead and be honest and tell me now…So we can fix this…Promise it works everytime…


He spent $25 on his meal at a Mexican restaurant? That seems a little much for one person. I don’t know the prices where you are, but where I live, you can get a huge Mexican lunch or dinner for $10.00. It seems fishy to me.


Girl mine would do the same and I’d get mad bc why lie? If you’re gonna go then go but dont lie. He’s not cheating but it’s bothersome because i/you can’t just decide hey I’m gonna go drink/eat with my friends. I’d bring it up again and just tell him how you overall feel. My s/o and i now share location too :woman_shrugging:t2:

If he lies about something dumb like eating some Mexican food what else is he lying about?


Why are so many of you women trying to convince her that her mans cheating? Just cause y’all have shitty guys doesn’t mean she does. She’s pregnant :pregnant_woman:t2: I wouldn’t be putting those thoughts in her head especially right now

You got a right to be upset. Little lies are usually used to cover bigger lies. And I hate to say this but this sounds a lot like the same scenario when my husband was cheating on me with a female coworker…it’s ironic because they also went to eat at Chipotle and I too found out by looking at his bank account!:cry:

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You have to be very wise bout your husband and don’t let him break up your hearth with some little trick… That’s how I got trapped with my ex using same account and he later turn things down with me and leave with my money so don’t let that happen anymore try and tell him to notify you anytime his bout to use the account

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honestly…get over it, he went to lunch with his guy friends, no big deal


He’s a parent so he can’t just say well I didn’t want to get my child, that’s not ok.


In all fairness if my man told me he had Mexican WITHOUT ME 9 months pregnant id have STABBED HIM and CRIED…!!:rofl: I completely understand why he didn’t tell you…let it be hun…pick a better battle…good luck with the new little…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You definitely need to pick your battles. $25 at a Mexican restaurant doesn’t even seem like a lot if you get alcohol with it or something. I would be more mad that he lied in general. But you have to make yourself approachable or people shut down

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Hes probably cheating


Pick your battles this way seem important to you but your seeming chasing him away cause it seems like with you it has to be every little thing

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So many red flags… why did you already think he was cheating is the first thing I need to know… bc I’m not gonna lie as soon as he lied about losing track of time I instantly thought CHEATER! BUT that’s bc I have my own trust issues and that’s how my brain works… so if you guys have had an issue like this before know that it’s a good possibility it’s happening again.


If he has broken your trust before then I would ask for proof and tell him because he broke your trust before that you feel you need him to prove it to you because I obviously you have a gut feeling about something else


Y’all are focusing on the fact he got food without her and not the fact that HE DIDNT PICK UP HIS DAUGHTER.


Maybe there is a side we aren’t hearing. Are you always bickering at him for little things? Is he allowed to go somewhere without your permission? Maybe he’s doing it because you are being controlling and he doesn’t want to hear you tear him down. My husband always tells me where he’s going and never hides anything because guys need time away from their kids and wives. I do too and I get less time than he does but still.


Is be mad too. Don’t let it stew though. Communicate with him. Maybe he does need a break sometimes. 2 hrs in the afternoon with some buddies at the Mexican place sounds harmless. I would just ask that he tell me first. We kind of always know where the other is. It’s part of being married.

You have a right to be pissed.

  1. Once youre a parent you don’t get to pick&choose when to be a parent. You’re either there or youre not. Him not wanting to get your daughter, is complete BS.

  2. The lying would have me extremely pissed too. He broke trust, now he needs to earn it back. I dispise liars, theres no reason to lie.

He also appears to have waited to “tell you” so he could build up his story. Id be telling him you want the whole truth.

Theres no healthy relationship without trust & honesty.


I’m sorry there’s more to this story that he isn’t telling you. I know you don’t wanna face it cause you’re pregnant and already have kids I completely get it but you have to. The more he gets away with the more he’s going to do. And if he is cheating you have to think about your health he can get anything from anywhere and bring it back to you. Please be careful.