I am wanting another baby but am scared of getting PPD again: Advice?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for exactly two years. I have a five-year-old son from a previous relationship. I’m getting to that point of wanting another baby, so my children will be close in age together. My problem is, I’m torn between wanting one now and waiting because after I had my son, I had postpartum depression VERY badly for a good 6-8 months after he was born. His father wasn’t helping, though, and we were living in my mom’s new home that didn’t have a tv or anything yet… I was home alone 12 hours out of the day while everyone worked, and I think all of that contributed to the depression a little. But I’m still afraid that it would happen again. My boyfriend is amazing with my son, and he absolutely adores babies/kids in general, so I know he’d be a great father. But it’s almost like I have PTSD. I want another one in the next year, but that fear is still in the back of my mind telling me I’m not ready for it because I’m scared of the after effects of it. Does anyone have any comforting advice for me? Anything helps.


PPD isnt a guarantee to happen in all you pregnancies. You should talk to your doctor and maybe see a therapist before you start ttc. I had PPD with my first and even had an open cps case. Months after going through it all CPS cleared me and took it off my record since I did everything I was supposed to do and signed myself up for parenting classes on my own. My second pregnancy with twins went alot better and didnt get PPD. Good luck!

I had bad PPD after my first and second babies. The third, I’m not even taking the prescribed sertraline! After my first 2 boys, I went back on my normal depression meds + the sertraline. I haven’t taken anything since having my 3rd and feel good!

If you feel like you’re not ready then you’re not ready, simple. Don’t jump into it being scared of PPD bc unfortunately that is something that is almost unavoidable. Your safest bet is talk to your Dr and start a depression medicine before even getting pregnant & go from there

I had it with both . Still have it with my second ( he’s 3 weeks ) and I feel the same … I don’t want anymore because I don’t want to feel this way again it’s definitely rough :weary:

I had PPD with my son because I had almost no support and was with an abusive man who further isolated me.

My daughter was born just a few weeks. Not only did I not need antidepressants this pregnancy, I’m not having any symptoms of PPD.

My BF and his family have been wonderful and supportive and have made this so much better than last time.

Sometimes PPD is situational and environmental, so since your circumstances have changed you are not guaranteed to have it again.


PPD with my first, none with my second. I think being forced to deal with a toddler and a newborn had me too busy to be all that depressed.

First I recommend getting married first before having anymore kids out of wedlock and to set a good example for your children. And when the time is right and can afford another baby and possibly a nanny in case you get PPD again, only then have another kid.

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I personally would talk to a doctor now with your concerns just so you can be on alert and monitored.
Kindly share your fears with your boyfriend and let me reassure you he will be there!!
I’m hoping it all works out for you and you can welcome you a new bundle of joy :black_heart::heart:

PPD is THAT traumatic so your not dramatizing that fear of going through it again… I have it horribly after babies as well and I’m dreading PPD more than anything else after I have mine. I’m even looking into getting my placenta encapsulated to try and help ward off PPD because I’m willing to try anything! Antidepressants, even a low dose to take the edge off helped wonders with my second and 3rd babies.

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I had PPD after I had my first daughter. When I got pregnant with my second my doctor recommended I start therapy to combat getting PPD with my second. My situation was much better with my second child and the therapy really helped.

I’d ask him. Do you plan to get married and be together for the long run? That’s the only big thing I’d worry about just in case it didn’t work out bc then you’d have 2w2 and not many guys are understanding anymore. I had slight ppd going from 1-2 but 2-3 I’ve been fine. You know what to expect after the first kid for the most part. Since your in a happy relationship this time around and he’s supportive you should be fine compared to the bd who was the opposite

Do not let the fear hold you back like you said the situation is way different now and things might go completely amazing… But you have to go into it positive and push the fear out every time it trys to sneak back in! You got this :muscle:

I had PPD with my first, my than husband at the time had his brother and family living with us. I feel that was a contributing factor. I didn’t have it with 2nd and 3rd born. I feel all pregnancies are different. I wish you the best!

My sister swears that consuming her placenta helped enormously with her ppd. Might sound gross, I know. But you can get it dried, ground and put into capsules so you take it like a vitamin.

I technically had PPD/PPP ( I had day dreams and thoughts that still haunt me) so I get where you are coming from it is scary to purposely put yourself in that spot again.

But you know your worst now. You know the signs and you can take steps to mitigate a reoccurrence. I had 3 more children (12 years from my oldest) and never got it again.

  1. Talk to your dr.
  2. Talk to your SO
  3. Research extended skin to skin after birth. It’s known to lower PPD chances.
  4. Don’t be afraid. You beat it once you can do it again.

I would get married before having more kids, is your boyfriend helpful with your son now. That’s a big indicator of how much support you would have with a new baby. I would talk to your doctor or preferably a Natural Path doctor about what you need to do or take before during and after delivery.

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I feel the same! My son is only 6 months and I want to wait a couple years but I’m always afraid of ppd, I had it for the first 2 months and sometimes I still have my days. And I’ll add my partner was and is 100% supported and helpful and I still got ppd. So I’m super nervous about going through it again in the future especially after overcoming it…

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Honestly if I were you I would wait and being married doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be there for you more either you need to really think is this the one you truly want to be with and love for the rest of your life and him the same and talk to your bf too but in the end it’s truly up to you and your boyfriend

I had ppd with my son but not with my daughter.