I am wanting to move out of state but my kids father won't let me: Advice?

I’m wanting to move out of state with my two kids and in with family cause I’m struggling right now. But their dad doesn’t approve. But this is my only option. I have no one where I live and no help. I’m miserable. But I also don’t want my kids upset either.


Tell him to pay more in support so you’re not struggling.

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If there’s court documents on visitation or custody you have to go to court to get it altered otherwise he really has no say unless he takes you to court for moving. I’d keep everything in a text and explain that you have to move for financial reasons that way you can properly care for the kids.

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Petition the courts do not I repeat DO NOT just up and leave. If there is court ordered visitation and you up and leave your ex can get you for kidnapping the children doesn’t matter that your the mother you still have to follow the laws

Or even better give the children to thier fathers until your able to get on your feet as mother we have to do whats best for our children not ourselves


You will have to go to court if there is a court order in place. As long as visitation continues and its not too far of a distance you shouldn’t be denied. Just prepare to give him more time.


Leave the kids with their father and move. Why take them away from a parent because you’re struggling?


Probally no less cheaper to move, when you add costs of gas meeting dad half way to drop kids off.


If you have joint custody, you can’t do this unless you come to some sort of agreement and alter the parenting plan. Those are his kids too, you know.


If there is a court order in place as stated above you have to do it through the courts. It sucks but sometimes you have to make due with what your dealt. So sorry you have to go through that. Maybe ask the father for more help if needed. That’s what he is suppose to be there for, to help make sure the kids are set up for success.

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Depending on how far and your current custody arrangement you may not be able to move and keep custody. Even if you did you may be required to do all transport for visitation He’s their other parent and has as much right as you do


I mean is he an active parent? How would you feel if he just took the kids and told you to go?
How would you feel if he took them because you are struggling?


I have a cousin who just went through this. She had to fight for a good 3 years just to move to a different TOWN, not state, a TOWN that’s 4 hours away. It was finally granted, but it was a long and expensive process.

you can petition with your cause and if he doesn’t have a better cause to not want you to move you will most likely be approved for your move and change of pp…

If he sees the children and plays a part in their lives the court will not give you permission to go.
If he has been absent in their lives for a few years then might have a chance.

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Tell dad to help with Bill’s

I’m sorry girl. It sucks. The main reason that I stay in the town that I live in is bc I do not want to take my 8 yr old son away from his dad. Moving away sounds great!!! But taking my son away from his dad is not something that I’m willing to do. He needs his dad just as much as he needs me.


I moved with my son my ex was pissed but the state we live in says since there was no court order we were never married and he didn’t pay child support. It was like I could do whatever the fuck I wanted. Check your state laws first.

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He cannot stop you from moving unless it’s in your custody agreement that either parent won’t move out of state without informing the court first. Once you move, get the custody agreement amended to accommodate the move.


Reevaluate the situation.
There’s always something, it may not be exactly what you want, as long as you’re not moving laterally it’s a start.
When my daughter feels stuck I remind her that she’s got the entire world at her finger tips.
Ask different questions, think outside the box and use your resources.