I am worried about my kids getting sick when they visit their dad: advice?

You know covid is still around. It’s getting worst, and well, I am a single mom of 3 kids under six, and their dad leaves 2 hrs from where I stay. So we’re he leaves, they have a restriction. He asks to take the kids after no seen them for a month!! We don’t have a court order for the kids. So it’s just our plan, and I thought of them not going to their dad’s place. If they get sick, I will be alone with three kids without help, and since it started, I can’t leave them at the house to go to stores. so I’m at the risk of them getting the COVID


If he’s being safe it should be ok for them to go. That all anyone can really do is be cautious and try to be safe.

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I would never stop my kids from seeing their dad because there’s a pandemic. There’s been a pandemic for almost a year. Like what’s your plan? I don’t get it…
There’s also the flu. Have you ever kept them from their dad because the flu is a thing?


My first two kids dad is coming from Washington to visit for 6 days. I too am worried like no other. I have 3 under 6 and almost 30 weeks pregnant. My oldest even told me he doesn’t want to spend the night with them but his dad said he will get over it.

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Let those babies see their dad. Don’t use covid as an excuse.


That’s his kids too. They should go


They are his kids too!!


Dont keep them from their dad. Just ask him to be cautious. My step son came home from his moms and tested positive yesterday. Zero symptoms. We are all in quarantine for 14 days. We have been outside and played lots of family games. No idea where they got it. She works in retail. But my mom lives with us and works at a hospital where she cleans the covid rooms. So it could have come from there or his moms. Out of 7 people in our home hes the only one positive. Again no symptoms. 100% normal.


We suspended visits for my oldest. It’s too much of a risk (I have heart problems, lung disease, and am on chemo that’s caused clotting problems). No one is happy about it but it’s what needs to happen until kids can be vaccinated.


From a dad that doesn’t get to see his kids because of covid let them go see him


You withholding his kids from him may be the catalyst that causes a court order to be put in place. Let them go see their dad, just make sure he understands he needs to follow proper precautions. You wouldn’t like it if he withheld them from you for a month.


Its his kids too and of he does take you to court you will loose. Sounds like so far you have a pretty peaceful co-parenting arrangement, personally I wouldn’t want to ruin that

If he was smart he would take you for a court order bcuz then u can’t use covid as an excuse. Let them babies go see their daddy!


My husband hasn’t seen his son in a year. Her excuse is Covid too.

Selfish ass!!! Thats all!!!

I can’t stand my child’s father most of the time but it’s not about me, it’s about my child. He absolutely adores spending time with his dad. So even if it’s been a month or longer, he still goes. And you can get covid just going to a store, I wouldn’t use that as an excuse.

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You don’t have a court order. He doesn’t see them. If they’re really important to him, he’ll file for custody responsibility & a child support order. You have no obligation to allow him to have them at all.


She might not lose in court

Literally everything says that covid-19 is not a legitimate reason to keep children from their other parent.


Your kids can go with you to the store, where they are more at risk to be exposed, yet you are worried about them visiting their father? :thinking: