I am worried I am having a miscarriage: Advice?

I’m worried and scared that I lost my baby. Today I want to the hospital. I was bleeding heavily and passing blood clots. My period was last this whole month. They did two ultrasound. They couldn’t see the baby. They think it is in my tubes or somewhere else. I have followed up on appointment Thursday at the ob-gyn. My HCG levels are 1,700. Now I’m barely bleeding. I feel fine. Does it sound like a miscarriage? I never had a miscarriage before. I already feel better that I might lose my baby. I’m just lost. I’m worried about what the ob is going to say. Please keep anonymous.


How far along are you?

This recently happened to someone I know and she had an a ectopic pregnancy, the baby was in her fallopian tube. I’d try get into the doctors as soon as possible if you can.

From me living with my mom when she had one, that’s how it started she started bleeding heavy amounts with a lot of clumpy blood

Ive never had one but sadly from the sounds of it I think you might be having one.

1,700 is very low for hcg levels.

IF this is the case although im sure very hard as I couldnt even imagine the loss remember that its the universes way of saying for whatever reason its not the right time.

Your time will come hun if its not right now. Sending positive vibes your way :heart::heart::heart:

The OB will probably order another ultrasound, or a transvaginal ultrasound, and more labs including the hcg levels. If the hcg levels trend downward it’s likely the fetus miscarried. If the hcg levels are same or more but the fetus is not in the uterus then probably an ectopic pregnancy that has to be terminated unfortunately.

The hospital should have done more testing love? Do you have an obgyn? I am so sorry. I have had 8 miscarriages and that sounds like it was one or an ectopic. Please seek more medical help because an ectopic is very serious and can make you incredibly sick or you can loose your tube. I don’t want to scare you but it needs to be sorted ASAP. Big hugs :sleepy: xo

Ive had 2. Both were within the first 6 weeks.
My symptoms- extreme cramping pain, lots of blood loss, then the blood clots. Its the type of bleeding no sanitary napkin stands a chance against. I litterally sat in a garbage bag to catch it all enroute to the er.


My miscarriages were both excruciatingly painful, not just bleeding. I dont know if it’s the same for everyone though.

That happened to me the actually scheduled me nxt day to have a DNC. I still didn’t feel like I lost my baby so my obgyn did another ultrasound and my baby was still alive. This happens when I was three months pregnant and again when I was five months pregnant with same baby after that I bleed lightly the rest of my pregnancy. Prayers your way

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Miscarriages hurt. I have subchrionic hemorage where the placenta off the wall and coming undone I gave birth to happy baby boy. Keep positive

I’ve had two… for one, I worked in a nursing home on the floor, and I worked through it, it was more a mental blow than anything, just normal monthly cramping. . The other, I had to have a dnc missed abort done because my body didn’t do it for me. It too was physical not painful. It’s going to be different for everyone.

Both of my miscarriages had intense cramping and contractions. It was extremely painful. I would request more test done.

So some women produce hcg with a normal period and it’s possible that since they didnt see anything on an ultrasound that it’s just your period. It may be something entirely different going on. Miscarriages are incredibly painful, I’ve had 6. Some women also experience a full period every month thru all 9 months of pregnancy. Your ob will be able to tell you for sure what’s going. In the meantime try and calm down and relax. Stressing can make things alot worse. I hope you get answers very soon.

I’ve had 3, my most recent in October and it was very similar to this. Ultrasounds couldn’t find anything and they thought it was in my tubes but later found it wasn’t. The actual miscarriage took a month to fully pass but my levels stopped developing in the 6 week range though I was 9 weeks. I only had intense cramping after they confirmed my levels had stopped developing, but I bled the day I found out I was pregnant until a week after my levels came back down to normal so it was over a month. I was for sure pregnant though and when the miscarriage did finally happen and things did pass you could tell. It didn’t look like a baby of course but you could tell it at one point was developing. I had an appointment the next day so I took pictures to show the doctor. On the other hand,
I have two healthy children. With my oldest who is now 9 I bled for the first 6 months on and off like a period. I was told the best way to tell is that they are monitoring your levels. They had me go in 2 times a week from weeks 5-9 during this last miscarriage to do hcg draws

Your HCG is so low that it is not a surprise that baby wasn’t seen yet. I’m assuming you just got a positive test with those hcg #s. Sad that anyone would put the thought out that baby is in the wrong spot when baby cant even be seen yet by transvaginal ultrasound. Take it easy and I’m assuming your doing HCG bloodwork every 2-3days to monitor a healthy rise in numbers? If not ask for blood work to watch it raise in a healthy incline.
My doctors wouldn’t even try an ultrasound till HCG was closer to 5000 to guarentee baby/sac would be seen. Take it easy and wait for confirmation if you did get the follow up bloodwork or next ultrasound.

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I hemphorage with my first baby, at the hospital they said my body was trying to miscarriage, I went home and layed down with my feet on pillows for three weeks, I didn’t go to work, my daughter is 26 years old now.

I didn’t have heavy bleeding or any pain for my miscarriages. I was spotting for a two weeks straight and after that they told me I was going through a miscarriage for both. Stay positive.

That’s a low HCG , we’re you just very newly pregnant

Went through a miscarriage over the Christmas weekend. On Friday afternoon, I had extremely light pink spotting that led to rust color. I called my obgyn and they said it is normal, but to keep an eye on it as I was still extremely early in the pregnancy. 7 hours later, it was actual blood, like I was having a light period and had no pain or discomfort. I called my obgyn and I went to the ER. After bloodwork, sonogram, ultrasound, etc. my hcg level was at 1700 but they couldn’t detect a heartbeat or see the yolk sac. My doctor told me come back for another round of testing a day later and my hcg levels should have doubled. Through that weekend , it was like having a normal light period and still didn’t feel any discomfort.