I am worried my 13-month-old might have a speech delay: Help?

My son will be 13 months soon & I’m worried he might have a speech delay. Is it normal that he’s only saying mama & dada? Or should he be saying more? It seems like he says all done & ball, but it’s not clear. How can I help him w his speech? He doesn’t really pay much attention when I go over shapes & words etc. He’s my first, am I just overthinking it?


Totally normal for that age.

Thats normal at that age. Read together and make sure you speak in proper terms and full sentences, no baby talk.

As a mother of a speech delayed child, please keep in mind some children develop faster than others. At 13 months, I would not worry just yet. My son was evaluated at 2 years old. In the mean time, there are thing you can do to encourage speech. I can’t stress how important play time is. Sit down, label things with the child. Sing songs together, have the child interact with other children. Sensory play is huge! Pinterest is your best friend, use it…trust me.If you see at closer to age two your son is delayed, it does not hurt to at least evaluate him.

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That’s normal. Talk to him & read to him & remember that all children develop at their own rate so don’t compare him to other peoples children.

Some children don’t fully talk till 2 years of age at 2 years old then doctors usually starts sending you too speech therapy

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As a parent with a child in speech therapy what ur doing is enough. Read read read. When ur out point and say what it is. Talk to him. He is a person also he’s a sponge. He’s listening to you. Watch tv together. If you think he’s not teach him basic sign. I did my daughter can sign and speak together now. She’s only 19months.


My daughter didn’t really talk until she was 2 and she’s 3 now and speaks in full sentences and uses crazy good vocabulary. It’s totally normal kids learn at their own pace


I was worried with my daughter,she quickly caught up, by passed others her age and now is never quiet.

You are definitely over thinking it.

Normal. Some don’t talk till 2 or 3

My son said mama and dada at 6 months nothing else until after 14 months he is almost 2 and saying a new word every week

My son was like that and then one day he just snapped out of it

Perfectly normal. They develop at their own pace. Just keep up with going over things. He’ll get there

My son would only say certain words but when he was 4 he started speaking full sentences not even a need to correct what he said either

Completely normal… I baby sit a 15 month old and I want to say she only knows about 6 words…

My son will be 2 in January and he doesn’t say much. I have expressed my concerns to his ped and he says he is just a boy.

You’re not overthinking. My son was 15 months when I felt he may have something going on. My pediatrician trusted me and by 18 months he was already in therapy and he has speech delay. Hes worked extremely hard and at 3 started talking a little. It’s still an ongoing battle.

My 18 month old only says mama and dada. I don’t know what else I can do to get her talking. Every time I try she just tantrums.

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I had 3 of my 4 checked… they usually wait til age 3…2 out of 3 needed speech the other one was right in target… one of my nieces barely said 5 words by age 3. By age 6 we couldn’t shut her up :joy:. 13 months is young