I am worried my step-daughter is eating too much: Advice?

I have a “health” type of question I’d like an opinion on. My stepdaughter is seven years old and eats NON STOP. And my husband lets her. For instance, we decided to get a taco 12 pack on Tuesday for a just for fun meal… she ate 7 of the 12 tacos and was still saying she’s starving. Last week, we ordered pizza, and she ate ten full-size slices. My husband will continue to feed her and feed her and feed her. And in the last month, she has gained significant weight. I’ve tried to talk to him about teaching her to drink some water while she eats, so she’s not quite as hungry, and she gets hydrated, and he says that she’s just hungry. It’s gotten to the point where it makes me nauseous to be around her when she eats because she just won’t stop. I have told my husband she needs to go to a doctor, he disagrees. When she hits puberty, I know that she is going to blow up like a balloon if she doesn’t learn to control herself. Am I crazy? Please be nice in your responses. I’m genuinely worried, and my husband is making me sound like I’m just a jerk. Thanks.


Kids eat their feelings. That’s not normal eating, you need to take her to a doctor. If he keeps saying no ask him what he’s so afraid of.


Definitely not normal behavior. Something is going on.


She’s missing something she needs emotionally.


She could be diabetic or something I would get her checked out


Maybe she isnt absorbing the nutrients from her food so is constantly hungry.


Place her in some yoga , gymnastics class. My elder ones appetite never seems to stop…I followed this technique. Any physical exercise would make her fall in shape.

I was a starving kid too, My grandmother made similar comments…and I have had a very unhealthy view on food since. I will either binge or not eat at all…I am now 48 I was around 11 12 yrs old when this happened… Please be careful with your words and facial expressions.

I would definitely have her checked by a doctor. It could be nothing - a growth spurt coming - but I have heard that some people never feel full and always feel hungry (I’m not sure what it’s called).

My son was like that at that age and would eat until he vomited. I ended up just saying no after seconds. And he was only allowed to have fruit or raw vegetables if he was still starving

You need to take her to a doctor. She could have an illness.


Not normal in the least even if she has super high metabolism. All 3 of you need to see the dr


Try collidial silver for parasites mabie


Stop getting her fast food. That’s abusive behaviour.


If she doesn’t get to a doctor, you are negligent parents.

Could be ovaries v’s insulin, causes permanent hunger, one pill can fix it.


I would take her to the doctor and check for parasites

she might be diabetic. This may be a medical problem.


I had a really skinny friend who ate like that ,it was excessive but she told me she had 2 stomachs​:thinking: idk if that’s true or even possible but I’m just throwing it in there , other than that its an obvious problem and NOT normal at all!! I can eat 3 tacos at most and maybe 2 slices of pizza so that sounds very dangerous to me . Hope it all works out for y’all though :pray:

Sounds either emotional or hormonal or both

Hyper thyroid does that too. Makes you hungry non stop. Head to the doctor just to check. If they say it’s not that then head in a different direction