I am worried that I may pass strep B to the baby: Advice?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and an FTM. I just found out I tested positive for Group B Strep and will be given antibiotics when I go into labor. I’m super nervous about passing it to my baby and was wondering if any other moms have experienced this, and if so, did you continue with a vaginal birth or opt for a c-section, and if you had a vaginal birth, was your baby okay? Thanks so much.


About 1/4 of women are gbs positive. As long as you get the antibiotics before delivery, it’s typically not a problem. It’s not a reason for a c-section.

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I had it with a couple of my babies and I had vaginal births with all of them. They gave the antibiotics to me during labor an none of my babies ended up getting it

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I was positive , got antibiotics while in labor baby was fine with vaginal delivery

I had it, and it didn’t pass :slightly_smiling_face: relax, I think you’ll be fine! Had vaginal still, no issues

So I had this and I was freaking out. I ended up getting induced a week early so they gave me the antibiotics right away when they started the meds. My daughter is 7 months almost 8 and a happy healthy baby girl.

I had it and went with a vaginal birth. No issues.

I was positive had antibiotics my labour was prolonged so I could get them Baby was fine.

I had it with a few of mine. You will be fine. You will be given antibiotics when you are admitted in. All mine were vaginal. Don’t be scared. You and baby will be great!

I was positive. I would have needed antibiotics but instead I wouldnt dilate and needed an emergency c section. I would have went vaginal if I could have with the antibiotics

You get antibiotic through an IV during labor that prevent you from passing it onto your baby. I had this with my recent child and she’s perfectly fine! We had a vaginal birth.

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The antibiotics will help and keep baby safe and from you passing it. Don’t stress over it

My son came before they can administer it… his white blood tested a lil high and was given some antibiotics. His levels tested normal within 48 hrs. They need atleast 4 hrs to give you the penicilyn for it and youll be fine. Baby too. I am allergic to penecylin and benedril so I was screwed either way. They still allowed me to have a vaginal birth.

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I had group b strep with my last and they didn’t even have time to give me antibiotics. But my water didn’t break tell i started pushing and I had her out within like 4 pushes so they weren’t to worried about her getting sick because of it. But as a precaution they kept me and baby for 2 days to make sure she was ok

Just did antibiotics, didn’t bother me, or my baby. no biggy, a lot of people have it and don’t pass it on.

It’s a very small risk you will pass it to baby. That’s why they give you the antibiotics it cuts the chances even lower. It is super common to have group b strep. Complications from group b are rare and seen more in premature babies.

They won’t do a csection for group b i have had 6 kids positive with all of them. 4 vaginal and 2 emergency csections and got the meds before each were delivered that were fine

You can NOT choose a C Section for GBS positive. You will be okay with just getting the antibiotics.

They give u antibiotics before delivering.

I was positive with both babies. They told me it’s not a problem as long as you go to the hospital as soon as your water breaks to get the antibiotics and had them vaginally. I got the erythromycin on their eyes to be extra safe. Both my babies are healthy.