I am young and pregnant and do not know who to turn to: Advice?

I’m young and I’m pregnant. I don’t know what to do, where to turn, and the only person I even trust to confide in is the potential father. He’s older than me, he has been with me from the beginning. I haven’t told anyone, I can’t turn to my family. Any help or guidance would be appreciated


Message me any time if you need to chat :heart:

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U can message me.idk how young u are but i was 19 and even then it was kind of scary

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Check in your area too! Most communities have programs or clinics specifically for young or first time mothers with little to no resources. Good luck!


Find a counselor, or someone. Hard to know from this little of a post. I’m sure some family would be there? How much older is this man? Is he taking advantage of a young minor and family doesn’t agree? Just not enough info.


I have a cot you can have pm me and just pay courier and lots of unisex clothes . I hope your safe happy and well xx

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I am a mama to an 18 year old all the way down to a new baby. I know this stuff is scary. Msg me if you need a mama type to talk to. It’s going to be ok. Your ok.

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Message me any time hun, I had my first at 17 in high school and was terrified and get the same way.
It will be ok!

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Had my daughter at 16 trust me it will be ok .God will make away hunny . Hang in there …

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Take birthing classes so you know what to do when you go into labor. Breathing, etc. Good luck!:cupid:

Ask your Dr you plan to go to if there are groups you can attend! My midwife was the one I turned to so much and she helped me so much with the many questions I had. They also had mom support groups (like 10 different ones) that were amazing!

You can message me, I had my first at 18

You can also message me too :heart:

Feel free to pm me I had my first at 16 and my second just after turning 19. :black_heart: it’s scary but it is doable. Find a recourse centre in your area they should have one with councillors and able to help with baby items!

Big hugs i am always here for you anytime my name is Crystal

I was 16 when i had my first child. Its hard as heck but definitely doable. My family didn’t help me either. This is what I did.

Got legally emancipated
Quit regular school but finished school online for free
Got a job at McDonald’s
Got my own studio apartment
Used the public bus to get around or walked
Had to have the state help pay for daycare foodstamps and medical
Did that while working finished high school early and trained to be a CNA

By 19 I had a good CNA job and was able to get us a better apartment to live in…

Like I said hard but doable.


Check your local health department. Ours has a program where they do home visits to answer any questions during the stages of pregnancy and 2 years after. It has been amazing for us especially since we are constantly bombarded with false information.

Call the 800 number or succide hotline just not for succide I do not know what is up but my guess is this man would be consider of taken Advantage of you if this is so go away the system can help you need to make the right decision with no influences

Feel free to message me. I was a young mom. Fresh outta high school when I became a mom. I’m now the proud momma of a 13 year old girl and 5 year old girl!!

I was a young mother. Do what is right for you. It’s hard being a young mother. Like really hard. But rewarding. I am also a young gramma, and will be a young great gramma. I had the energy to keep up with my kids. So many advantages. But also, frustrating and difficult. You are going to have to reach out to an adult to help you. Regardless of how scared you are. Its what’s best for you and your baby