I babysit an almost 2 year old and I am concerned about his speech: Thoughts?

I babysit a little boy who will be two in a couple of months. I’ve been watching him for about 5-6 months. I’m concerned with his speech development. He doesn’t talk at all, and when he attempts to, it sounds more like a grunt or gibberish. I have tried to speak with his mom about this, and she gets very offended by the subject. She told me that she felt as if I was comparing my child’s accomplishments to her little boys. She tells me that he talks at home and that he even uses full sentences. I thought maybe it was just that I was unable to understand him and that it was just a situation where only mommy can understand but, if she attempts to get him to speak in front of me, she’ll say that he says a specific word, but again, it’s more of a grunt or just gibberish. I work on new words and pronunciation, letters, and phonics with him and my daughter, who will be two in a few months. I completely understand that children move through different developmental phases and milestones at their own pace and that each child is different. I have a lot of experience with children from being a daycare teacher for two years, and I took early childhood development courses. I worked with children from 1-3 years of age and also had to help them with speech development, but I’m at a loss. I’m patient, and my concern isn’t so much with the fact that he’s not talking to me, but that she is telling his doctor that he is talking when his unable to. My child’s pediatrician wanted her saying three-word phrases at her 15-month checkup, which is where my concern is coming from since he isn’t even saying essential day to day words. I know some kids can be stubborn, so I’ve left him and my daughter to play and have listened to see if he is just too shy to speak to me. But, he still doesn’t speak. How should I go about this situation? Should I just continue to work on his speech with him and let his mother be, or should I sit down with her and stress to her my concerns? Again, I’ve worked with a lot of children, and this is still a subject I’m completely unfamiliar with approaching. Thank you all in advance.


My brother didn’t talk until 3 boys sometimes talk a lot later then girls. Doesn’t mean they don’t know how but if there parent understand what they want they don’t have a need to use words.
Leave the parenting and concern about his development to his parents and doctor.
Just as another thought but if you were my child’s babysitter and you thought it was your place to tell me my child was underdeveloped you’d be out the door.


It’s ok. My kid didnt start talking til he was almost 3. I had him in speech therapy and OT.


Some kids start talking clearly late

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boys talk a lot later sometimes. my brothers talked like that until prob 3

From my experience a lot of boys talk later than girls also… but you said you tried to talk to mom so now I feel it’s in the mom and their doctors hands as to how they feel they should handle it… just play and teach as you normally would :heart:


My nephew just turned 3 in Dec and still doesn’t talk.
They checked his ears and they are fine. Other tests have been done as well, and everything turns out normal.
He has a teacher thag comes once a week to help with speech and try to get him to talk. Still… nothing :woman_shrugging:
Suggest to the mom about possibly getting ears checked as that can effect talking

It just might be the lil one doesn’t have many individuals who speak to him. I’ve only known a few lil ones whom didn’t speak much and 1 who just wouldn’t say anything at all. But he speaks now not quite right but speaks. The lil one just might not feel the comfort to talk much just yet to many.

My daughter barely spoke at nursery…yet would not stop at home…
He is forming sounds give it time

My son was advanced in everything other then speech up untill he hit basically 2 one day nothing nect day boom loads of words n 3 word sentences x

My son did not talk until he was four. Every visit to the pediatrician I would bring it up and they assured me that there was nothing to worry about. And they were exactly right. My son is 10 years old now and has very proper speech although we did put him in speech therapy to deal with a stutter that he had. However that was normal since his dad and I both stuttered as children.

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What others have said… All of my kids were late bloomers and they are doing great now… My oldest son I could barely understand til he was 4 even though he’d been in speech since 1 and now he doesn’t stop talking

I think you should let his MOTHER and the PEDIATRICIAN determine if his speech is behind. Boys tend to do things slower than girls, that includes speech. You’ve stated your “concern” to the mother and now let her decide what’s best for HER child.


Totally normal for a boy read to him :heart_eyes:

You just babysit, I’d mind my business. If his mom isn’t concerned, that’s that. leave her be


It’s 100% not your place to decide how his speech is handled because he is not your child. Stay in your lane…


My friends daughter was 3 and she did the same thing…now at 4 years old she is a chatterbox.

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Every kid is different and learns at their own pace!! He will get there and if not it’s on his parents to intervene not you.


My baby is almost 3 and she just started talking a couple months ago. She is my 5th. My 2and baby didnt speak either at 2 so I sent him to speech therapy. My 3rd spoke very early on and would never shut up lol. All kids are different. You’re a teacher and have dealt with this before. Stop telling his mom what she needs to do with him and just do what you can for him when he is with you. The mother will do what she wants with her child and there is nothing you can do about it so dont stress yourself out over it

Stay in your lane, employee. That’s what you should do. Personally, I would have already fired your ass.