I break down at the thought of leaving my baby to go back to work: Thoughts?

My baby boy is almost one year, and its time for me to go back to work again, but just the thought of it makes my heartache. I can’t even think about it without starting to cry. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to make it a little easier I’m completely lost. But since things don’t come cheap and I need to go back to work, I just don’t know how I’m supposed to handle being away from my son. Any advice on making it easier for I would really be appreciated


Not so much advice but I promise it does get easier x

Have the “best” sitter helps.


Stay home with your baby and start an in home daycare or babysit if your home allows for it.

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It actually is really good for you to have a “break” away from mommy duty every day. It is hard but it gets easier.

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can you go back part time or work from home–is the cost of daycare worth your income? how does your husband feel about this–can you each work part time hours so you can share caring for baby? OR work opposite shifts?

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Is your child going to daycare or somewhere else? As a mom and an infant teacher myself, call and ask how your child is doing/ ask for pictures. :slight_smile:

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I called the sitter every 10 minutes for the first week with my oldest.
It will be okay.
If you’re close enough you can go for your lunch to see baby?

It is SO HARD at first, but it does get easier!! Check in whenever you can, ask for pictures, if possible.

When I went back to work I went back to night shift that way I was only really gone while they slept

We decided to just be broke and cut back on things because I can’t handle the thought of leaving my son all day without me. Cut back on a whole lot and had to make a lot of changes but it is worth it. I’m lucky that my husband makes enough to pay the bills. I know not everyone can do that.


I work very part time and went back to work 3 months post-baby. My husband and I work opposite shifts and even though money is much needed. We sacrifice extra money for time with him. If we want to do anything both of us have side hustles that are extremely flexible. We also find things to do that aren’t too expensive but fun

Yeah, we all cry buckets, but it gets easier over time. Not gonna lie though, it’s just tough to leave your baby. I had to do it twice, went back to work, got laid off, then back to another job.

I’m going through same thing, I gotta go back to work next wk n finding childcare is hard n expensive, i dnt want to leave my baby im gona cry. We gotta do what we have to do tho, hope you have a good sitter :blush:

Mama guilt is so terrible. I was the same way with both my kids. My kids love their school and that helps a lot. It gets easier!

It is hard in the beginning. I have my mom taking care of her and I still cry but I knew she was in good hands. Also I would go during lunch to see my baby it help me feel better.

It seems like the worst thing ever when you have to go back to work. I had so much anxiety about it and went back for half hours for the first week then eased into full shifts. I learned to love coming home and getting all the love from my family. I also learned to love the adult time, believe it or not. It was nice to be something else besides mommy for a little while. Also going back in the middle of the week as others have said help so much! Good luck, you got this!

If it’s possible for you, I started back part time at 1st. I only have the one child and she had a few issues, it made me sick to leave her with a sitter. I spent some time at daycare with her the week prior to help her get use to the people. (And maybe for myself) it gets easier, and you have to trust your child care provider!

I think I thought it would be hard to leave my baby to return to work full time, but it actually wasn’t bad at all. He loved daycare and I enjoyed being back at work!

I felt this way when my son turned a year old and unlike everyone else commenting, it never got easier, he is 3 and I resent that my sister’s and mom get to spend time with him and teach him and raise him even though I know they’re doing it for me. It makes me hate leaving to work and hate being there.