I breastfed for 15-months and still don't have a period: Has this happened to anyone else?

So I breastfed for the first 15 months, I stopped about a month ago and still no period. I already get freaked out because my ob says well if it doesn’t come back within a month or two, we will have to look into birth control, which I don’t want ever again had Mirena surgically removed bad experience with pill and depo. Estrogen levels look fine. He says well probably from breastfeeding, but a worst-case could be a pituitary tumor. I’m freaking out!!! Can’t scare someone who already gets freaked out so easy with stuff. I have two kids. 4 and 16 months and always had periods. The first few days always heavy, maybe a day or two irregular but always got them. This ever happened to anyone else? Should my period come back soon?


Did you take pregnancy test ?


Breastfed mine for 13.5 months and never got a period until about a month after i stopped.

It took almost 3 months for my period to come back once I quit breastfeeding. I only got 1 though before I got pregnant again. Be patient and try not to worry, it will come back

I didn’t have mine while breast feeding. When she starting eating some I started. Though be careful I had one period and then found out I was pregnant again.

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Really? Of course this happens, it’s a common occurrence, and it also doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant, you can. I really wonder about the validity of some of these questions, grown women cannot be this ignorant, can they?


When in doubt, consult a doctor, not FB, that’s my motto :woman_facepalming::ok_hand::woman_shrugging:


It’ll probably take a few months to regulate your hormones again.

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It’s completely normal. It can take a while for a cycle to come back.

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Breastfeeding usually keeps your period away. The hormone that allows you to produce milk stops ovulation and stop your period too.
It’s not always true for everyone though. Some peoples bodies are more sensitive to it and others have their period the whole time they’re breastfeeding.

It took me 6 weeks to get mine back

It happens but do not be fooled. You can still get pregnant


24 months the last 6 was morning and night only. My dr said sometimes it’s up to 6 months I wouldn’t worry. lol I mean do you want your period? I didn’t


Idk aren’t these questions you should be asking your Dr? How the hell we know what’s going on inside your uterus? Take a pregnancy test. If you’ve been allowing semen to be deposited into you then you’re probably pregnant, duh. Fuck birth control too…ladies…you can’t get pregnant if you don’t allow semen to be put inside you, trust me, it works :roll_eyes:

Did they test for pcos? That will stop periods too

Calm down, doctors have to give you the worst case. I didn’t get mine back for a couple of months.

My son is 17 months I didn’t get mine back till 13 months and after my periods have not been regular as we are still nursing.

Get a SECOND OPINION :heart:

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I have a pituitary tumor a diagnoses of acromegaly and I still have regular periods its extremely rare so I wouldnt freak yourself out so much it is prob from breast feeding your prolactin level is probably still high it took me 2 months after stopping to have a period.

You never HAVE to go on birth control of you don’t want to, I’ll never understand why so many Drs act as if it’s just something we have to do if we’re not ttc.