I can feel my milk supply dropping: Help?

I just recently found out I’m pregnant, but I’m still breastfeeding my one year old and don’t plan on stopping yet, but I can feel my supply dropping. How can I keep my milk supply up?!


Mother’s Milk. It’s a tea you can get to help milk supply

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Google about brewers yeast and increasing breast milk

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Body Armour drinks
Coconut water


Oatmeal, hydration(Gatorade), mother milk tea did work for me… pump between feedings, even if you don’t produce much it will tell your body to start producing more.


I think that’s supposed to happen. I would do a little research but I think the milk wanes for a small period of time before the new baby comes


You’ve probably heard this many times but that’s all there is to it.
Eat nutritional food drink plenty of water, feed feed feed. Try, tea, if nothing seems to help, there’s a pill to help you produce milk.


Unfortunately pregnancy hormones usually cause people to dry up :frowning: not much you can do about it… little one may still want to comfort nurse


Oatmeal. Mothers milk tea

My son started to wean himself when I got pregnant with my second, so as he fed less, my milk started to drop. On the other hand I had a friend who fed all through her pregnancy. Make sure you stay hydrated also my doctor said that the further your pregnancy goes, your milk will revert back to newborn milk which is a different consistency which might make you feel as though your milk supply is changing.

Oatmeal, I personally use mothers milk tea but it doesn’t work for some women so proceed cautiously with that. Pump in between feedings, I also pump when I first wake up before the baby wakes and wants to eat.

If you’re close to your due date that’s normal. Your supply will drop to change to colostrum and then your milk come in for the new baby. Your milk changes as the baby grows and when you get close to your due date your milk will change back to milk for a newborn. I just had my second a week ago Wednesday and that’s what the lactation consultants told me.


You might want to talk to your dr he can recommend something my sister in law’s dr told her breastfeeding can increase risk of miscarriage don’t knowhow true or common it is but your dr can tell you

Ask your doctor about blessed thistle and fenugreek vitamins.

Make sure to also keep you nutrition and calorie intake up, you’re providing nutrition for 3

A beer… just one. I was told that works wonders. ( never bf myself but I know many that have and I tried to keep informed and supportive)

Mother’s milk tea, and Birth song Let there be milk drops.

Fennel essential oil! You only need to use it a couple days though because it works quickly and effectively! Make sure you use pure fennel. I used it when my supply dropped and within 2 days, it was way above normal

Please ask your doctor before taking any supplements while you’re pregnant. But keep hydrated and try adding some pumps in too. To make more milk you have to remove milk


Some of you don’t even fucking read shit before you comment do you?