I can I help my daughter with her depression and anxiety?

. My daughter is 17 and suffers from depression and anxiety she is on medication which seems to help for the most part but she has highs and lows and sometimes the medication just isn’t enough. We have tried other options like vitamins and of course exercise and eating better and that also seems to help but sometimes it’s still a struggle. Sometime she finds it hard to get out of the house and become motivated it’s like she feels like a robot and is forcing herself through the motions but it’s really hard sometimes. A lot of people think it’s as easy as just getting up and getting out but when you suffer from depression it’s like your body freezes and it’s very difficult to get up and do what you should be doing. She has kind of drawn back from her friends lately and other than handling her responsibilities like school and work she pretty much wants to be alone and in bed watching TV. She is going through her first big break up with a boy that she has been with for the past year and a half and she is pretty devastated. Nothing really big happened like cheating but they have been growing apart and he seems more concerned with being single and they have been arguing a whole lot lately and he just seems too immature to be in a relationship which is understandable seeing as they are both only 17 but it doesn’t make it any less devastating. Does anyone happen to have a child dealing with depression or anxiety and have any tips or ideas on how I can help her cope with the problems she already had on top of this break up. I’ve told her it’s OK to mourn the loss of this break up but that it’s really important to stay busy and active and surround herself with people that make her happy but any advice to help her get through this rough patch would be appreciative. Please keep the judgmental comments to yourself. I’m looking for support and honest advice without judgment or criticism. Single mom doing the best I can and it would be great to hear from anyone who has had any experience with this. Appreciate it?


Look into neurofeedback. It works wonders! Medication can sometimes make things worse

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Reading about your daughter, I’m reminded of myself. When she hasn’t showered for a week and hasn’t come out of her “cave” in 3 days, take her to an emergency room. If she’s missing school/work/activities/commitments, overeating/not eating, seems dead inside/remarkably “better” BRING HER IN

I suffer from anxiety and depression myself. I have also treated many patients with this. It isn’t easy to overcome and medications only do so much! A combination of meds and talk therapy are necessary. Some of this sounds situational as well, so learning coping skills is paramount! If the symptoms do not improve, then taking her to the ER is an option. She must be monitored closely.

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Therapy helps a lot too, my teen has dealt with depression and anxiety and seeing a therapist once a week helped her lot. They teach you techniques to deal with anxiety, anger and depression.

Therapy in addition to the medicine. After a week or two of therapy. Revisit the medicine route as in change/add whatever medication is needed. There are certain ones that can be mixed and matched. Especially if she has a low day to give am extra booster
But the therapy should help alot but only if she wants it. Of she’s forced to it’ll only make things worse

Getting on the right meds and praying about it works.

I live the same as your daughter. I am sorry that she feels this way :disappointed_relieved:

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There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to judge you. You’re a terrific mom desperately trying to help her daughter. You should be commended, not judged. Along with medication and therapy, continually letting he know that you’re in her corner can only help her know how much you care and love her. Good luck.


Oh boy have I been thru this with mine. It got as bad as cutting and even sent into hospital schools.
But for some reason, almost as if overnight, the closer shes getting to 18, she just snapped out if it. Im still in shock. And I do realize that i rarely see adult women this bad. I tie it into adolescence and crazy hormones.


Get her off the pills and junk. Big Pharma stuff makes things worse and eventually her body gets use to it and then she’ll need higher doses and different pills. Check into homeopathic stuff like CBD oils, medical marijuana.

Get a blood test for b12 deficiency…often it’s low…easy treatments after that

I was on Xanax and lexapro since I was 16 it help to a certain degree but not enough, I finally switched to CBD oil over a year ago and it has done wonders I feel so much better and I have so much more energy I actually feel like myself again. It may be worth a try it can be pricey but for me it’s worth it.

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There a mood mediine that they can give her to keep on a even level!! Sometimes it works and sometimes the side effects aren’t worth the trouble of taking it!! You just have to take it and see what it does to you!!

I notice that more and more children and adults suffers from anxiety and depression. I wonder what’s happening in the world today that cause them panic attack, social anxieties and depression.

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She takes her medication she could also combine it with therapy it may work

Having a sister with the same issues all I can say is just be there for her , no meds are gonna make her better its support she needs . Counselling may help but if she has withdrawn into herself it wont work . The good news is tho she is still going to school and work so there is light. My sister cant even leave the house without someone accompanying her. It is very tough to see a loved one go through it but just be there for her .

Maybe a mood stabilizer add to here meds and I tell my kids to write in a journal as if your talking about it to somebody I date them and I use it for when I bad days and when I have good days

Weed. Edibles, vapes, devil’s lettuce, pills, oils… just let her have the marijuana. Trust me. It works wonders.


Just be there for her. Let her rest. Try to make sure she showers and has fresh clothes and bedding. Just love her.