I can wean my daughter off the bottle completely?

I need advice please (no bashing)! I am a first-time mom of a beautiful 18-month-old! She takes a sippy cup with her meals and while at daycare but needs a bottle for the ride home from daycare and before bed. How can I wean her off these bottles for good?? Also, looking for suggestions on how to get rid of the vinyl that she needs to fall asleep??


It is a comfort for them to hold onto but when mine were old enough I used to water their milk down until it was more water than milk. They lost interest in it after a while. Worked for me :woman_shrugging:

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Just take it from her & when she’s thirsty enough she’ll take the cup. If you keep going back & forth it only causes confusion.


What happens if she doesn’t give it to her? Say no and deal with her attitude… It’s not like shes getting dehydrated by not drinking in the car.

Just give her the sippy instead.

Best way to do wean her off is cold Turkey and on a weekend! Bottle went bye bye and she has big girl sippy cup. She will throw tantrum for 2-3 days but do not give in, or she will completely hold out until you cave. my 2 sons and 3 of my grandchildren were off bottles by 12 months old and were NEVER allowed to have a pacifier!! If you dont make bad habits you dont have to wean them from anything. Easter Bunny took all their bottles in exchange for bunny baskets!

Why do you need to be rid of them just now? Don’t stress,she’s so small let her have a couple if it gives her comfort( coffee works for me)milks great if your brushing her teeth and she’s doing fab on the wee cup.Give her 6 months, development jumps then and you can gradually chat about 'babies having bottles ect ect lol…honestly couple of bottles is nothing xc


I just stopped giving mine bottles n she was fine same with her binkey

Cold turkey it. Yes it may be very frustrating for all of you the first couple days to week but she will adjust👍 make sure to have her sippy cup available when she would normally get a bottle. Good luck, stay strong mama😁

Just take it away. They get over it in a couple days

You just have to take it away. The older they are the harder I believe it is to get them off the bottle. Babies need formula the first year of their life so my three kids were off the bottle a little before their first birthday. By this time they were eating regular food too.

If she takes a sippy cup already then shell be fine. Say no n stick to it.

Don’t give it to her. You’re ultimately the one in charge. She’s gonna get on your last nerve when she doesn’t get her way but don’t give in!

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I just took the bottle away from my daughter and got use to the sippy. I got her the sippy that was soft like the nipple and gradually moved her up to a regular one. She did fine. The binky was another story.

Please a bit of compassion and education. A kid in this age can’t yet even manage emotions and you all like go cold turkey? A common human need 400 repetitions to change a neuronal pattern. (The wire in your brain that makes you do, think and feel in the way you do) so, to don’t harm you need transition, be patience, isn’t that our job as parents?
Try just stop having your coffe one morning and for ever, or cigarettes or coke… is that easy? And you all are using your brains for long years…what makes you think a brain is not even 12 months old can do that without suffer.

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Just say say no that’s the first word they.learn let her.have a hissy fit the more u put your foot down shell become accustomed to going without it

Throw those choices away.

i made it funny with my granddaughter .used multiple funny voices telling her “big girls dont need no steenkeeng bottle”

Just be persistent and swap the bottle for a sippy cup at all times. Bottles are really bad for their teeth. I struggled to get y daughter off of the bed time bottle then i realised she wasn’t that bothered and it was me who wasn’t ready to take it away

Toss them out and only offer her a sippy. No paci, no baby bottle just her sippy. She’ll catch on. You need the bottle for naps and car rides because it keeps the kid quiet. Let her cry it out when she’s thirsty she’ll use the cup. It is what it is.