I cannot hand;le my 8-year-olds attitude lately: Advice?

I have an eight-year-old son. I don’t know if he’s getting into that age and hitting early puberty or what, but every day it’s a constant fight and crappy attitude, and before anyone suggests medicine for ADHD, he already takes that… I tell him to put his shoes on, and it turns in to I laid out the wrong socks, I’m not doing something fast enough, he doesn’t like what I fixed to eat, he snatches thing away from his little brother, screams in his little sisters face, slams doors, refuses to do homework, tells lies, and constantly stealing!!! I’ve taken away his iPad, toys, no phone(house phone), no tv, no outside time, no stuffed animals in the bed, no extra throw blankets!!!. I have literally stripped his room down to only the clothes in his closet, his bed, and a cover!!! We are now at the point of coming home, doing homework, eating, and bed. It’s usually chorred time after homework while I’m fixing supper and a shower after eating but I’ve been making him shower before school just so I can get some peace at night… maybe that makes me a bad parent idk


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Maybe his body is used to the medication and it needs to be changed?

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Spend some quality one on one time with him, he could be acting out for attention.


Just ride it out. That’s about all I can say. Or make him start doing volunteer work. Sounds like you’re doing the right thing. May even consider counseling… there may be an underlying cause to his mood :woman_shrugging: Maybe he’s getting bullied.

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Counseling might help.

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Oh mama just wait for 14 and 15 :weary::weary: I’m not sure I’m going to make it with my two teenagers

Try a different take on things, seems like what you are doing isn’t working and he needs something else… id look into counselling for him so he has someone to talk to about his anger… Also try 1 on 1 dates with him


don’t call yourself a bad parent. When my kid acts up, I sit him in a room with me and tell him we aren’t leaving until we fix the problem. He usually yells, and hits me, and throws things at me. I remind him it’s okay to feel angry but it’s not okay to break the house rules. after some time he will stop and just talk to me.I tell him what I expect of him and the way he’s been acting isn’t acceptable. I love him and I want to help, but he has to be willing to talk to me. In your situation, I might offer, if he cooperates and talks with you, to give him his things back and start over. but before you sit down with him, think about and write out the rules and boundaries you expect him to follow as a member of your family, don’t go in there underprepared. Be loving and strong. you can do it!


Yes I am a hard ass mom but I have no intentions of being disrespected or talk down to or ignored I’m not having it I don’t care if I have to take everything out of that room I will get your attention and let you kids run over you and they will keep running out of you and then everybody’s blooking for an youexcuse why their child is just bad but they’re going to test you because that’s what they doMake sure they know you love them you respect them and you want them to grow up and be good people do not let them be bad because when you do it’s your fault

The southern in me just wants to tell you to whoop his ass ONE good time. Lol. For real.

It sounds like oppositional defiance and it’s very difficult to deal with you will need your drs assistance and therapy for you, you need to “vent” to get rid of you’re frustration also because that disorder feeds on your frustration, my son who is now 22 still has this.



It sounds like a case of being a defiant brat. He’s ruling the house, instead of you. Put your foot down and don’t take that crap! He’ll only get bigger.


Less chores more reading together and one on one conversations not about his behavior. Pay him a small amount of allowance for doing chores so that he is earning etc.


Talk to his teacher or the school and make sure nothing is happening between him and his teacher or other students. That ype of behavior is also a sign of being bullied and he is taking his frustration out on everyone he knows that won’t strike back.


Sounds like spare the and spoil the child, Just saying


They make a belt for that.


He doesn’t like what you got out for him to where to school or what you fixed him to eat. Then make him do it for himself. He is old enough. Tell him to feel free to choose his own sock and fix his own breakfast. If he doesn’t he goes to school with no socks and no breakfast. All you have to do is have things in the house to feed him clothe him if he chooses not to take advantage of it it is not neglect or abuse. After that statement keep your mouth closed and walk away. He will change his attitude fast if you don’t engage. It is Called LOVE and LOGIC it is a fantastic behavior and management style of discipline children. Works on the most difficult child ADHD Bipolar Autism if you can find the book or a class you would love it.