I cannot keep up with virtual learning and being a mother: Is anyone else going through this?

I feel like I’m failing as a momma, the worst feeling ever. I literally can’t keep up. I have three kids, two of which are in school doing virtual learning. My daughter is so far behind & it’s like I can NOT get her caught up. Their classes are at the same time. Son is in preschool, so he needs me right there. My daughter is in 3rd & will NOT do her work unless I’m sitting there basically doing it for her, which isn’t possible. I just sat in between both kids doing their work. I watched & listened to her teacher to do the class’s work & give them the answer. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why my daughter doesn’t have one answer written down on either of the two pages they did TOGETHER then tells me, “I don’t know how to do it” I’m at a loss. Everyday, I’m getting emails that she is behind & failing & I don’t know what to do & I can’t afford a tutor to try & help me. My house is a mess & neglected. Real meals are being neglected we are just making basic quick things or ordering food because I have no time to fully cook plus I have a baby to take care of that I feel his needs aren’t fully being met. Anyone else going through this? I also haven’t been to work in a month because of this. It’s such a struggle for me I can’t expect a babysitter to go through this so now I have no income. Not to mention my son is done with work by 11a because he is half day classes & my daughter is on consistently until 2:30p. Once my son is done, she will completely refuse to do any work because he doesn’t have too.


Sounds like your kids are running your house. She is a child. Education is important and she has lots of years left.
1- you are the boss!!!
2- school is not a option
3- talk to her teacher she may be able to help y’all


I do the virtual with my daughter and my nephew they are both in kindergarten and I watch my other nephew who is preschool age and I feel what you are going threw mama. Try a reward system it has helped with my kiddos it’s still a challenge I won’t lie but it helps. Stay strong love


I’d be beating some ass personally :woman_shrugging: 10 years old and refusing to do schoolwork because your 5 year old brother doesn’t? Nahh. Wouldn’t fly.

Well that little lady won’t be watching TV, on a computer, on a cell phone, or a video game etc. Hand her a book instead of electronics and tough her out!


I’m sorry you’re going through this, I know it’s hard. And I say this with good intentions, you said your daughter is in the 3rd grade… She’s not the boss, find a way to take back that control, maybe speak with her teachers for suggestions or to see if there’s some kind of extra help.

I’m right there with you. My daughter is in 3rd and she’s done by 11 and her teacher is only on with her for maybe 45 minutes a day. And my son is in 7th and is online from 8 to 2 every day. I have to stay on top of my daughter or she will just text her friends and say she can’t do it. Then when my son is don’t or have a study hall she gets upset because she still has work and he’s don’t for that hour.

Many mothers have quit being teacher. Don’t feel bad. Do what you can each day, even if it is nothing. Your mental health and theirs is more important right now. If they have to take the grade over, well that is the way it is. I’d focus more on the one in the 3rd grade over the preschool one. He’ll most likely learn just from watching her classes.


Reach out to the school my grandson had someone working with him 2 twice a week to help him understand better.

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You have to be the boss.

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Momma you got this and can do this

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I wouldn’t worry about it too much we’re going through a pandemic u can’t make urself stressed out, you can’t be expected to do it all and I know because I have two kids in school and a 9month old who wakes up all night every night and has never slept through, I start back work next week which is at night times, so how I’m ment to help my son I never know he himself says I don’t know what to do all the time so I just get him to read sometimes and he has 1 live lesson a day for an hour, am sure there’s so many people in same position aswel x

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I know what you mean. I’ve got a 7th grader with ADD, 5th grader in speech therapy, 1st grader in advanced classes, and a 5 month old baby. All the kids school schedules are different. They use different websites for each class. Their classes start and stop at different times. It is so stressful and hectic. They all sit at the dining room table with headphones on during classes because the baby naps a lot during the day and all the noise from the teachers and other students keeps her awake. I can’t wait for schools to open back up for traditional classes because it’s ridiculous trying to do everything at home by myself.

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Nothing but schoolwork til she catches up 🤷
And quit doing it for her! Of course shes not doing it, she wants you to do it. Sit her down and explain that her brother is littler and so his schooling is different than hers. You’ve got to get into a routine and stick with it. Prayers and good vibes your way. Its not easy for everyone and I feel for y’all. I really do.


You are not alone. This is me with my 12 year old son.

My sister has a son with ASD and behavioral problems. I listen to her struggle so much. Her older son is fully capable but also falling behind.
You are not alone. I’m sorry you’re going through this.

Pre school is not necessary IMO. I would withdraw that child and focus on your daughter. And start being more strict with her. You are the parent. It’s your responsibility to help her. Reach out to the school and find out what you need to do to help.


My sister is having the same problem with her 3rd grade daughter. My niece used to read on an 8th grade level. Now she barely does a 3rd grade level. She is sending them back to regular school soon. She said she can’t be a good mother and a good teacher at the same time.

I’m virtual learning 4 kids (13, special needs…11, 9 & 7,special needs) and I have a 1 year old at home. The 7year old i babysit to help her with school. It’s NOT easy. But when you talk to the teachers so they can get a better understanding of how the household is getting by daily they are much more helpful. I try to separate the ones who can work independently and stick closer to the ones who need more supervision. I check they’re work daily and if it isn’t done during school, they have to complete the assignments before they touch the TV, video games, iPad ect. I tried to get into routines but its hard when the school/teachers are changing schedules frequently as well. Don’t do the work for her, but sit with her until she does it herself. Explain this is time she could be playing instead of doing work if she would just do it during school time. Keep enforcing how school is important and this is all just temporary and she will be back to school again! They really need to hear that virtual learning is NOT forever.

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Im sorry for 1 its no fun doing remote learning. I have to remote learn with 7 of my 9 kids at times…ur gonna have to put ur foot down with your daughter and start having consequences for her not doing her work. For meals try to prep a meal in the crockpot.