I cannot take birth control and my husband will not get a vasectomy: Advice?

I’m at a loss, I need birth control but have an issue. My husband doesn’t want to get a vasectomy. I cant take hormones because I have a blood clotting disorder. And I’m not feeling the IUD and other options bc of the possible side effects. What would you do? By the way, I have a very high drive.


paraguard iud no hormones


Can you track your ovulation?

Bilateral salpingectomy

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Get your tubes tied or learn your ovulation schedule if possible. I have never been on birth control and use no form of protection. We obviously go into it knowing surprises could happen but so far we have had 3 planned babies.
You can’t make him do anything he doesn’t want to do so really it’s how much do you want to prevent it?

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Weak. Tell him to take one for the team. Assuming you have kids, you gave birth for crying out loud. It is countless times worse than a vasectomy.


There are no hormone options or you could just get your tubes tied. You can also learn when you ovulate, not 100% but it helps.

Then there are good ol’ condoms lol

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I would definitely talk to your ob/gyn for this one. There are many options out there these days and your dr will be best and safer to give you advice based on your particular health issues.

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Tubes tied, condom, pull out method (depending on how fertile you are & if you get pregnant easily).

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Sponges, spermicide and condoms, use together . Can get all at the lacal farmacy. If he cant get fixed he can glove up!


Tell him no sex until he gets a vasectomy. Tell him your concerns with birth control and that he needs to do this for you both


Get the iud… side effects are minimal and short lived plus no period and last 5+ years

You could talk to your Dr about the depo shot last 3 months I have a blood clotting issue and irreversible anemia and no issues

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Natural family planning! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve had a copper IUD twice. No hormones… no complications.

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R side affects worse than an unwanted pregnancy???

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Get a tubal ligation done! I got mine done and I’m so glad I did!

I’ve read about something called phexxi. Never tried it but I see ads for it often.

Tell him to take one for the team. And by team… I mean the team of kids y’all are gonna have if he doesn’t.


The Paraguard is a no hormone iud. I have it and love it.