I can't stop thinking of having a baby boy: Advice?

Hi guys, So I have just had two beautiful daughters. One was born in 2019 and one the last year, 2020. They are my whole world, and I love them too bits. My husband and I got married in 2012 and were trying to fall pregnant for a long time till I fell naturally pregnant in 2019 with our first baby girl. We tried IVF several times, and it failed :pensive: which still depresses me as it’s a painful thing to go through mentally as well as physically. It was a malefactor, but with the grace of God, things changed for us, and he then was able to have children. My question is, I don’t know why I feel like I need to have another baby and to want and hoping for a little boy. Am I wrong to think this way. I can’t stop thinking about falling pregnant again and holding my baby boy :blue_heart: in my arms. I’m 33, and I know it isn’t too old, but why do I feel like my body clock is ticking. I can’t shake this feeling. Any advice will be great. I just want a big family to feel complete :blush:. Thanks a lot, mamas


Ok, so try to have another baby and see and what happens, could be a start, lol. You never know. Plus, it might lift your spirits trying.

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We had our first girl after 4 years of trying. Then we had our second girl after almost 2 years of trying. We wanted one more. I think I wanted a boy more than my husband did. After almost 2 more years of trying we are due with our boy in May. We are so excited!

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You just have to realize, and accept, it might not be a boy. The male is what gives the gender, and so far he’s a girl factory.


Don’t have another baby for the gender. That will set you up for disappointment.
Talk yourself into having another baby.
But knowing it could be another girl.
Or it could be the boy you are longing after. .but know that it’s a 50/50 shot.
It’s really a gamble.
Just don’t do it if you know having another girl will really be upsetting for you because that could cause problems bonding with her… if it would be another girl. It could cause PPD.
Just… go in with an open mind and an open heart.


Give it a shot three sounds like a great number for children girl or a boy you will love them all. I feel like if you have another girl in the long run you will never regret it


I’ve always wanted a son but I’m currently pregnant with baby girl #4 :white_heart: I will say I did have gender disappointment but I now feel like I’m just meant to be an all girl mom which is pretty cool too :slightly_smiling_face: I will say if you want to try for your boy go for it but also be prepared if it’s another girl and js I would never keep trying for a boy until I got one…gl mama if you do try I hope you get your boy :crossed_fingers:t3:


If you want another baby, go for it. If you specifically want a boy, and would not be happy with another girl, I would say leave it alone. A family I grew up down the street from kept trying for a boy. They ended up with eight girls. Eight! After their eighth, they finally gave up.

I think our hearts might always wonder what it would be like to have what we don’t have, but in the end, some of us are meant to be just boy or girl moms.


Have you ever considered adoption or fostering?! Very rewarding!!!


I have never understood this “need” for particular genders. Why does it matter so much? Be happy to have whatever you get and that they are healthy. I know that sounds so cliche, but truly that is what is important. I have had both family and close friends lose kids to cancer and other rare diseases and I assure you - none of them care about gender. They just want their healthy kids back. I don’t mean to sound cold and cross, but darn - keep things in perspective.


Would you be content with another girl? Don’t go into this wanting a boy, but wanting a healthy baby.


I’m going to be 31 this year…have two girls…Really want a little boy to but waiting until my second is potty trained,so maybe try again next year . If don’t have a reason not to try. Then why not? If specifically want a boy…can do selective insemination to up chances. We are going to do selective insemination bc really want a boy and next pregnancy I’m done.

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I have 2 girls, age 3 and 4 almost 4 and 5! I’m currently pregnant now and don’t know the gender but I can definitely understand this. We weren’t trying for another baby though, we were content with our girls.

I have 2 girls and it took 5 years along with fertility treatments to have our first. We wanted a boy but both my babies are preemies, and neither pregnancy was easy. My 1st had hellp syndrome and my second we almost lost in utero, i had a subchronic hematoma along with a clot on my placenta. I was in and out of the hospital so much, i was on a first name basis with everyone. As bad as we want a boy to carry on the name, it’s absolutely not worth my health nor the health of the next. God gave us exactly what we were meant to have and we are extremely thankful for the 2 we were given.

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Out of 17 of us we only have 4 boys. If you’ll be happy with another girl, then go for it. Who knows, 50/50 chance you’ll get your boy

It’ll be easier if you wait until your girls are a little bit older

How about you adopt? That way you can make sure it’s a boy. Just a thought.

If its another baby you want then go for it but set your mind to it doesn’t matter about what sex it will be or you will be disappointed if its not a boy. I think for some the feeling of wanting another baby never goes away regardless of what sex it will be. I have 2 boys and 2 girls and have to talk myself out of wanting another every day :rofl::rofl: regardless of the sex a healthy happy baby is the end goal here :blush: xx

Absolutely nothing wrong with wanting another baby and hoping for a boy. I had my first in 2019 and due any day with my second. Both girls and I still feel like I want to try and hope for a third to be a boy. I’m thrilled with having two little girls but I also really would love to have a little boy.


I really wanted a boy after 2 girls back to back and am now currently 16 weeks with another little girl. At first I was disappointed which is normal when you get your hopes up. But blessings come in many forms and I’m super happy to be having another little girl :heart: if you want another and feel the need to do so then go for it!