I can't tell If I am over reacting or not: Advice?

The first thing I do want to clarify is, yes, I have insecurities (who doesn’t lol), but they are not serious, and some are silly forex. My toes are insecurity of mine, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing flip flops out in public! When I look in the mirror I am more than happy, I know I’m beautiful, strong, and an awesome mom. Now with saying all of that, I wanted to get some insight into a current situation I’m in. My SO’s friends are 98% women (he has like one guy friend that he rarely talks to), in the industry he works in that is a minority of women I already expected that. And there are a lot of his coworkers that became my friend as well. They’re sweet funny, and we help each other out when needed. So here’s the situation; my SO has had questionable behavior in the past, I’ve found msgs to his ex, random calls on his phone from women that I’ve never even heard of and time went away that was unexplained (or poorly explained for that matter). So our relationships past has been rocky, but not all the time. Anyways, he just recently began to chit chat with a former coworker (yes, it is a woman), and they have been texting and planning lunch dates. I’m aware, and we talked about it, no problems. He has a lunch date with her this afternoon, and then I started getting that gut feeling (that darn gut) that something was a little off. I saw the msgs between them talking about there lunch, and at the very end, she responded with “can’t wait” with a kissy emoji at the end. Am I overreacting or should I just let it go as she’s just sweet lol, either way, my gut won’t stop doing its thing. And I have talked to him in the past about hanging out with his male friend more (or at all because he doesn’t) rather than just specifically women. Am I creating something that isn’t there, or should I just chill and let him have a close friend?


If your gut is telling you something is up, trust your gut. I’m all for my SO having friends of the other gender, but they know their boundaries and it sounds like this one doesn’t. You don’t send a kissy face to a taken/married man. However, a man needs to make sure there are boundaries as well. If he isn’t reinforcing them and is allowing the behavior to happen, then he’s just as much to blame as she is.


Knowing a little about the past you two have together I’d be concerned with the kissy face emoji from another woman on my SO phone too. I’d ask to join them. If he says no then take it as a sign.


Kissy face is a nono and if u have a gut feeling…its never wrong

If there is no bad texting then let them be

Also u should have been invited 2 the lunchdate


If you have to question if it’s acceptable that another women is sending inappropriate messages to a taken man…honey, pack up and move along.
You’re better than that.

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I would never let my husband have a lunch date with a women that isn’t family. My god the nerve of him! You’re not overreacting at all


That would be a roll up and look to see what’s happening. See if its a casual lunch, if so no reason you can’t join. Respect.

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No dear I would be done, most of the time the guy tells it all. Sorry

Guts don’t lie! That would never fly at my house. I have never had reason to ever suspect anything with my husband. That’s what trust is. If you don’t have that , you have nothing.

Uhhh friends don’t send kissy emojis. No way.


I’m sorry . If he’s is not friends with her before you where together and was the whole time there is NO reason he should be taking another women to lunch!! No texting another women. You already no the answer move on

If he doesn’t show any signs that he likes her more than a friend then maybe she is just friendly. Try talking to him and explain how the kissy emoji is making you uncomfortable, if he gets defensive about it then trust your gut.

Trust your gut. I would COMPLETELY flip my lid if some woman sent a lissy face emoji to my husband.


If you think he’s cheating then he already had :+1::+1::+1: when u have to worry about it or think it’s happening 99.99% it’s done


Trust your gut girl!

While its nice that you trust him it seems like there needs to be boundaries. He needs to set them with his female friends. If a woman sent my man a kissy face i would 100% not feel ok with them meeting up or even talking for that matter. Youre not overreacting. Trust your gut!


Is he ok w you looking at his phone? Or are you suspicious enough that you are checking when he isn’t looking?

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Not just friends.
At the least they are probably attracted to each other or at least she is to him. How would he react if you were to go on a lunch date with an old coworker that was a man and he sent you the same kissy message?